An epic guide to the Taurus personality traits

So you think you know all about the Taurus personality?

Think again!

Those familiar with astrology will know the Taurus sign as loyal, down-to-earth and sensual. But there’s more to our Venusian-ruled beauties than just the stereotypes!

If you’ve been seeking a more in-depth look at the Taurus personality, you’ve come to the right place.

Maybe you’re tired of reading the same facts over and over again, be it relationship compatibility with other signs or career options.

Whether you’re a Taurus yourself or closely acquainted with one, read on to find out more traits of a Taurus you may not have known about before!

Why do we love Taurus?

Taureans are born between April 20 to May 20, making them the second zodiac sign after Aries.

Represented by the sign of the bull, Taurus natives are independent and strong-willed. That said, they’ll never turn down a chance to cuddle up to a loved one and show their softer side!

Taurus is also a fixed Earth sign, meaning its natives can get stuck in old ways of living and find it challenging to broaden their horizons, compared to other Earth signs like Virgo and Capricorn.

Fret not, though.

That doesn’t stop us from loving the Taurus in our life!

Check out some of Taurus’ key traits below that make them unique individuals to be around.

Taurus key traits

1) Enjoys beauty and pleasure

If you’re a Taurus, you are familiar with all the finer pleasures in life. Good food, good wine, a party full of people, and you’re set! These things attract your attention and inspire you to express yourself in your big and bold glory.

As a Taurus, you are definitely a change maker. With Venus as your ruling planet, many Taureans enjoy hobbies such as writing poetry, playing an instrument or designing clothes.

Taureans also take care to beautify their appearance and use it to show off their personalities. Whether it’s wearing a new outfit or taking time to do their makeup, you’ll never catch a Taurus not looking their best!

2) Finds stability important

As you know, stability is important to a Taurus! This is a sign that doesn’t appreciate change, especially when it happens constantly.

If you are a Taurus, you prefer to have it all figured out. You also gravitate to what’s comfortable, such as a long-term relationship or a stable career in your field of choice.

3) Can be stubborn

That said, Taurus can also be a very stubborn sign. If you know a Taurus, it takes a long time to change their minds, if they do consider it at all!

Secondly, Taurus may be slow to admit when they have made a mistake, leaving their loved ones frustrated.

However, remember that this is part of the Taurus personality: they can be loyal to a fault as their love for you is unchanging.

4) Very hardworking

At work, the Taurus personality is extremely dependable. Give them a new task and they’ll be up to speed in no time!

Taureans are also hardworking and detail-oriented, allowing them to complete long-term projects with full concentration.

Due to their dislike for change, Taurus tends to not prefer work environments that are constantly shifting. Put them on a regular schedule with a strict job scope, and that’s all you need to get a Taurus in top form.

5) Patient with loved ones

Those who have been acquainted with a Taurus will know that they are patient with those they care about. As Taureans are sensitive creatures with just a few close friends, they know it’s rare to meet someone who becomes important to them.

That’s why they’re able to remain calm even in the most perplexing of situations. Have you ever seen a Taurus get riled up for no reason?

If you’re ever facing a personal issue and are looking for some real advice, you can go ahead and approach a Taurus. They’ll be the kind and caring listener you need, while being honest with you. No judgment!

6) Trustworthy

Have a secret you need to share with someone? Look no further than the trusty Taurus, who’s great at making sure it’s safe with them.

As the loyal Earth signs of the zodiac, Taurus knows what it means to keep a friend. If you two go way back, rest assured they’ll remain tight-lipped!

7) Loves to have fun in bed!

With their childlike wonder, Taurus can be fun in bed as they love incorporating all sorts of surprises in the bedroom. Think flirty text messages, a yummy meal, and lots of sweet kisses to set the mood for the big event.

If you’re someone who wants more than just physical pleasures, Taurus will get your mind in a bind to make sure you come away wanting more.

While they are also known for being methodical, there’s nothing wrong with some good ol’ lovemaking. For Taurus, the best things in life can be so simple!

Taurus relationships: The good and the bad

Are you a Taurus? Or know someone who’s in a relationship with a Taurus?

Bet you’ve heard some stories.

Just kidding. In every relationship, there’s bound to be the good and the bad.

With Taurus, it’s no different. Being such a strong personality must come with its challenges, whether alone or in a relationship.

Let’s explore the differences between a Taurus man and Taurus woman in relationships.

Taurus man relationships

If you’re in a relationship with a Taurus man, congratulations! You’ve found yourself a lover who is willing to go the extra mile for you.

But first, I’m sure you remember how long it took for your man to ask you out.

Taureans typically like to take their sweet time, especially if they already know you’re theirs. These bulls enjoy moving at a slower pace, compared to signs such as Fire signs and Air signs.

Taurus also enjoy a date in the comfort of their home. Whether it’s cooking you a meal, or lazing around watching Netflix, know that you can be yourself completely around your Taurus man.

Traits of a Taurus man

Taurus is the type of sign that prefers keeping their personal life private. These bulls are meticulous at picking and choosing what they want to share with the world.

This can make a relationship with a Taurus man special. After all, you may be the only one he has bared his heart to.

Take care to be a supportive partner, as he is to you! Be there when he wants to confide in someone about the things he worries about in his life.

On the flipside.

You may find that the Taurus man is unwilling to share himself with you, leaving you feeling like an outsider in your own relationship.

What this means is that he may be cold and unemotional at times, especially during vulnerable moments. Perhaps you’re opening up to him and he’s not giving you the response you want.

In these cases, communication is important. This is always true of any relationship, but is crucial in making a relationship with a Taurus man work. Give him space if he is pulling away, or reach out to someone for help. Like a relationship coach.

In times of distress, remember not to make any assumptions. Evaluate what’s in front of you, and then move accordingly.

Taurus woman relationships

Are you into a Taurus woman? Well, this is your chance to find out how to make her yours!

Taurus women are the calm force that steers the relationship in all the right directions. What this means is you can trust your Taurus woman to support you through the good and the bad.

That said, it’s true that you’ve got a partner for life when it comes to the Taurus woman. But it’s also important to know how to treat her right, and make her as happy as she makes you!

How to attract a Taurus woman

The Taurus woman, like the Taurus man, enjoys staying in for date night. Put on her favourite movie and watch her get comfortable as you share some snacks together.

If you want to take her out for a special evening, bring her on a trail in a beautiful forest or take her to the museum to look at some paintings. After all, being a Venus-ruled sign means your woman is full of creativity.

She may even want to go for pottery classes with you, so make sure you’re up for it. It doesn’t hurt to let out your artistic side!

Compatibility with other signs

Taurus, being an Earth sign, is said to be compatible with other Earth signs such as Capricorn and Virgo. This is because having the same element means you share a similar type of personality, and this is the case for other signs as well: Air, Fire and Water.

As Earth signs are known to be passionate lovers who are also pragmatic about the needs of a relationship, a Taurus and a Capricorn – or maybe two Tauruses! – can make for a power couple.

Taurus can also be compatible with Fire signs and Air signs due to the playfulness that results from this unlikely combination. Put the feisty Leo, for example, with the cool-headed Taurus, and watch the magic happen. After all, don’t opposites attract?

Taurus friendships

Are you close friends with a Taurus? They must be a lot of fun! While Taurus can be secretive individuals, they also thrive socially and move from one friend group to another in the blink of an eye.

Know that once you’ve made friends with a Taurus – and they trust you – you’ve got a faithful friend you can call in times of need.

Of course, make sure you reciprocate their unconditional care for you! Do them a favour every once in a while to show them that you’re someone they want to have around.

Taurus career

Since we’re back on the topic of work, let’s jump into the best career options for the Taurus personality.

While Taurus is known to be a laid-back sign that likes to take things slow, this is certainly not the case at work.

Taureans can be workaholics and strive to climb the corporate ladder, doing all they can to get there – this can be a challenge if they’re working in the wrong field!

The best jobs for the Taurus personality allow them to be leaders in their own right, guiding their colleagues and setting an example. Below are some jobs that may be of interest to the Taurus native.

Jobs for Taurus personality

As Taurus are creative individuals with a focused mind, they may enjoy working in the marketing department of a fashion brand or in interior design as an expert on what makes a space beautiful.

Other career options include working in the field of education, where Taureans can exercise their desire to lead others.

For instance, working with children can help Taurus feel fulfilled as they, too, enjoy letting out their playful side. This type of job also allows the Taurus to show off their attention to detail by creating elaborate lesson plans and making sure to understand their students’ strengths and weaknesses.

Taureans may also enjoy working in healthcare, such as a doctor who takes on a responsibility to better the lives of others.

With their unwavering dedication to their job, there are certainly few roles the Taurus native wouldn’t be up for!

Taurus personality in 2023

Think 2023 is going to be your year? Well, you’re not wrong.

Taurus is said to experience good fortune especially in the fields of career, with many opportunities opening up for you, according to astrologer Chani Nicholas.

Sounds like a lot to be excited about, doesn’t it? Well, you may also be facing some troubles in your relationships. But it could be a chance to learn how to be a better lover.

Either way, if you’re a Taurus reading this, we hope our article has given you some ideas on how to make the best of this year!

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