Capricorn personality traits: An epic guide

Capricorns are best known for being practical, responsible and smart people with their heads screwed firmly on.

Their birthday falls from December 22nd until January 19th, and their symbol is the sea goat. This mythical creature has a goat’s upper body and the lower one of a mermaid.

Capricorns are also of the Earth element, the last sign of the zodiac.

Capricorns go under the radar as far as star signs are concerned. But while this star sign might not be in the forefront like some other star signs, Capricorns have many great personality traits that I’ll run down in this epic guide!

What are Capricorn’s typical traits?

Capricorns have a great amount of discipline

Capricorns have the discipline to get things done. When faced with a task, they’ll take things step by step and keep to a rigid schedule to finish it.

If a Capricorn wants something, they’ll figure out what they need to do to achieve their goal and then get to work.

These star signs have a lot of focus, one of the many qualities that make Capricorns excel at work.

Not everyone can stick to a routine quite like a Capricorn does!

Capricorns are patient

Speaking of discipline. Discipline takes patience, which Capricorns have in spades.

Some star signs, like Sagittarians, may get bored and move on to something else if a task takes too long, but not a Capricorn!

Capricorns are goal-orientated people with a bucket list of things they want to achieve. And they have the time and patience to tick the long list of goals off their list.

Capricorns also have the common sense to know that if they keep working towards their goals, they’ll eventually achieve them, no matter how long it takes.

Capricorns are ambitious

The reason I mentioned the bucket list of goals a Capricorn has is because of how ambitious they are.

They have a big drive to succeed and achieve financial stability. They’re reach for the stars kind of people.

Capricorns are not dreamers. They’re doers. Instead of sitting around dreaming about something they want, they’ll go and get it.

A Capricorn’s discipline and patience help them out here because they’re able to use these qualities to help them succeed.

They’re not risk-takers, though. Capricorns are strategic and will make thorough plans before taking action.

Capricorns are responsible

This leads me to my next point. Capricorns are not reckless. They’re responsible star signs you can rely on.

Capricorns take their commitments seriously, so if you make plans with a Capricorn, they’ll stick to it.

They don’t like to waste others’ time and don’t like their time wasted either. This quality makes them dependable friends and partners.

Capricorns won’t let you down; if they do, they’ll only be letting themselves down by not sticking to their obligations.

They are dependable at work too. Because they’re so responsible, Capricorns will abide by rules that have been established at work and demonstrate great maturity.

Capricorns are practical

Capricorns are born problem solvers. They tackle situations from a practical and realistic approach.

They can pull complex issues apart, piece by piece, to find a solution. Capricorns don’t need a lot of resources to figure a problem out. They use the gift of that brain they have.

Need advice? Then your Capricorn friend is one you can lean on. Capricorns will look at things objectively and help you find practical solutions for your problems.

Capricorns are smart

Part of the reason why Capricorns are so good at solving problems is that they’re so smart.

As objective people, Capricorns think logically when weighing the pros and cons of situations.

I’d even call Capricorns mind readers because they have great instincts. For instance, they can get a good read on someone they’ve just met; chances are that read is accurate!

They’re also good at reading body language, so they’ll get a feeling if something seems off with you.

Capricorns can pick up on cues that other people might not notice. So, if you are manipulative or deceptive, Capricorns can tell that from your body language alone.

When it comes down to it, Capricorns are several steps ahead of everyone else.

Capricorns are reserved

Capricorns are reserved and may come across as serious to some people. But that’s if you don’t know them well.

If you want to get close to a Capricorn, it will take time.

They don’t let just anyone into their circle. Capricorns are selective when it comes to their friends (and partners!)

Capricorns need time to trust you before showing you who they are.

Because of this, Capricorns may seem distant and aloof. Even dull, but that’s most certainly not the case!

If you believe Capricorns are any of these things, then you don’t know them well enough. It’s as simple as that.

Capricorns are honest

Something you’ll come to know if you get close to a Capricorn is that they’re straightforward and honest people.

I’ll give you three things a Capricorn hates: gossip, rumours and compulsive liars.

Capricorns don’t have time for those kinds of people. They value honesty, so honesty is what you’re going to get.

Capricorns are also attracted to honest people. If you have this quality, you could already be on your way to winning a Capricorn’s heart.

Capricorns are resilient

When faced with difficult situations, Capricorns are the ones to push through them because of their resilience.

These star signs don’t whine and complain when the going gets tough.

And they won’t let their setbacks get in the way of their goals. Capricorns will get right back up and keep it pushing.

Capricorns are independent at heart

Capricorns are self-reliant and have no problem being alone or making their own decisions.

In fact, Capricorns enjoy their own company, since they can do what they want without others’ input.

Capricorns trust their judgements, so they don’t need to depend on others.

They’re also independent because they like to have control over their own lives.

So, while they appreciate the time spent with their friends and family, they value time alone just as much. If not, even more so.

What are Capricorns’ worst traits?

Capricorns are critical

Yes, they are, but only because they’re perfectionists who strive to do their best.

Capricorns set high standards for themselves; if they don’t meet those standards, they can get nit-picky. Instead of seeing things from a positive point of view, the flaws will glare at them, and they won’t be able to ignore them.

Their critical personality extends to people as well. If you’re reckless or like to waste people’s time, Capricorns aren’t going to be happy with you.

Capricorns are unforgiving

That being said, do not get on a Capricorn’s bad side!

Capricorns love people who are trustworthy and honest. They won’t even think of letting you into their circle if you seem shady and deceptive.

If you betray a Capricorn, they’ll find it hard to forget what you did and even harder to forgive you. That’s if they forgive you at all.

Capricorns will hold on to that anger and disappointment over your actions. And they may be resentful about it for a long, long time.

If they somehow found it in them to forgive you, things wouldn’t be the same.

Capricorns are stubborn

Capricorns probably find it hard to forgive because they’re so stubborn.

When you hurt them, they’ll take it to heart. And Capricorns are not ones to talk it out. Instead, they’ll bottle up their feelings and swim in them.

Capricorns also find it hard to reach out for help. They’d rather deal with things in their way.

A Capricorn’s stubbornness also comes down to them being control freaks. They like things done in a certain way. When things don’t go their way, that’s when their stubborn side can come out.

Capricorns are pessimistic

Capricorns aren’t glass-half-full kind of people. It’s more like glass half empty. That’s because Capricorns can be downright pessimistic.

You see, Capricorns see things realistically. They’re not idealists who see the good in everything and people. They see things for what they are.

If something seems too good to be true, it certainly is for a Capricorn.

Capricorns can be skeptical

Capricorns’ pessimism is what makes them so skeptical. They’re not ones to take something at face value. That’s not how they operate.

If you tell a Capricorn something is true, that doesn’t mean they’ll take your word for it. They need to find the facts to back up what you’re saying first. Once they’ve researched, they’ll come to their own conclusions.

Capricorns are also workaholics

Capricorns are one of the most career-driven star signs. They are determined to succeed and will take action to achieve their goals.

They possess qualities that mean many Capricorns excel at work.

Capricorns love to work, but they might sometimes focus on work too much. When this happens, they’ll neglect other aspects of their lives, like self-care or their friends and family.

For some Capricorns, work is number one in their lives, so everything else gets put on the back burner.

What are Capricorns like at work?

Capricorns like routine and stability, so you can expect to find Capricorns in corporate environments. You might also see them in roles that pay well, as financial stability motivates Capricorns.

They are passionate about work and doing the best they can. Capricorns work hard. I already told you they’re perfectionists!

Because of this, it can take Capricorns longer to complete projects, but they’ll turn out a great piece of work in the process. They have the discipline and patience to pull off a high standard of work every time.

Capricorns make for great leaders too. They will do their best and expect the best out of others.

You’ll get on with a Capricorn at work if you are reliable, honest and work just as hard as them.

What are Capricorns like as friends and family?

Capricorns are reserved, so they tend to get on with a select group of friends and family. These are friends and family with who they have deep connections with.

While Capricorns are quiet around people they don’t know well, they can have a different side around friends and family.

A wild side. But a good kind of wild. Capricorns know how to have a good time and let loose every once and a while!

Capricorns can be themselves around those they’re closest with, so they’re also more outspoken. They aren’t afraid to tell you the truth if you ask for it.

Overall, Capricorns make for loyal and honest friends and family members who are happy to help you however they can.

What are Capricorns like as partners?

It takes Capricorns a while to settle into a relationship. Capricorns are not just selective when it comes to friends. They are also picky when it comes to who to settle down with.

Once Capricorns find the chosen one, they take the relationship seriously.

Capricorns don’t play around, and they don’t do affairs.

They are loyal and faithful partners.

Capricorns resilience means they’ll stick with you through thick and thin, no matter what obstacles you face together. And they’ll make a total effort to power through hard times.

If you want to attract a Capricorn, you better be confident and assertive.

Capricorns love nothing more than someone who knows what they want and is not afraid to get it.


Capricorns may fly under the radar when it comes to star signs, but they possess many great qualities that make them what there are.

As disciplined, responsible and ambitious individuals, they work hard and take their commitments seriously.

Capricorns also make for loyal friends, family and partners you can depend on to be there and give you some damn good advice.

All hail Capricorns.

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