11 no bullsh*t ways to get a Gemini woman to chase you (complete list)

The zodiac air sign of Gemini is a dynamic and unique combination of traits that cannot be found in other signs. And with Mercury as its ruling planet, a Gemini woman is full of curiosity and intelligence.

So, if you’re looking to win the heart of this special lady in your life, here’s a list of 11 things you can do to stand out and attract her attention.

But first —

What are the traits of a Gemini woman?

In a nutshell, Gemini women are known to be s, creative, and adventurous. They’re bold and outspoken, but also caring and loyal to those who have earned their trust. They’re also always looking for new and exciting experiences and perspectives, so conversations with them can be full of discovery.

On the other hand, Gemini women might be known for their indecisive impulses, but it’s simply a reflection of the sheer creativity and s. Their minds form brilliant ideas quicker than they can weigh up each option – resulting in an unbridled enthusiasm that makes life exciting!

These traits make them good partners but also make them difficult to pin down in a relationship.

Moreover, these make Gemini women fun, charming, and lively partners but also make them a challenge to keep safe and happy in a relationship.

Now that you have an idea of what makes a Gemini woman tick, let’s take a look at 11 ways to get a Gemini woman to chase you.

11 ways to get a Gemini woman to chase you

Getting a woman to chase you is no easy feat. But by understanding the traits and needs of a Gemini woman, you can “hack” her heart and make her fall madly in love with you.

1) Be spontaneous and adventurous

A date with a Gemini woman can be an adventure of its own. They love the thrill and spontaneous nature that comes from exploring something new.

To get her attention, the first move you can make is to give her a truly special experience by taking your relationship to daring heights. 

Why not embark on an s? Drive out of town, attend a costume party, or go skydiving?

Showing her you’re willing to break away from regularity is sure to make any meetup memorable. Every outing invites excitement and awe into the mix – it’s guaranteed she’ll appreciate it.

Believe me, it gets better as long as spontaneity is on the table and you’re both willing to try new things together. 

2) Be playful with her, but within limits

Getting a Gemini woman to chase you can be a challenge. But one tip I’d say would work is being emotionally available when she needs you without revealing too much.

What does that mean?

It means being open and honest with her when she needs it, but also not revealing too much about yourself that would make her feel uncomfortable or scared.

Let me explain further.

You see, Gemini women s. So although you should be playful and fun with her, the best way is to try to stay within certain limits to keep the relationship from becoming overwhelming for either of you.

For example, don’t be too pushy with your advances and compliments or come on too strong. You can also be playful through your eye contact. Giving her a confident and seductive look, without making it too obvious, can be highly effective in getting her attracted to you.

Hold back a little once in a while to pique her interest.

Doing this will show that you have confidence in your ability to keep her interested.

3) Make her a little jealous

When it comes to the Gemini lady, creating a bit of healthy jealousy will keep her interested and engaged.

You don’t have to go overboard with this one; small doses can do wonders for your relationship!

If you want her attention, it always pays off to know how to make a woman feel some healthy jealousy.

And with the help of relationship expert Kate Spring, understanding what women really need and turning them into devoted admirers has never been easier.

Her video clearly explains how the signals you give off can be used to create a little jealousy while being irresistibly attractive.

Instead of being overly available or ready at all times, let there be some distance between you two every now and then. Show that you’re occupied elsewhere as well.

Having friends around or working on projects can work. But never ignore her texts or disappear without saying anything.

With such subtle yet effective tactics in place, she’ll always look forward to spending time with you again.

Before you react, let me tell you that jealousy in healthy doses can actually be a good thing. So don’t go overboard with this one.


4) Bring your creative side out

Gemini women appreciate s. Be it in conversations or activities, they love to mix things up and try something different.

Show your creative side by coming up with original date ideas.

Don’t get me wrong, dates don’t need to be outrageous gestures or jaw-dropping extravagance. Instead of an expensive world tour for one night out, why not try something more intimate yet still full of adventure and passion?

Think of something simpler, like taking turns choosing a new restaurant to try out each week. Or a simple and romantic picnic in your backyard while star gazing.

Whatever you choose, make sure that it’s enjoyable and unique. That way, she’ll know that you put thought into your date.

5) Show your responsible side

To catch the eye of a Gemini woman as a potential partner, show your responsible side by committing to plans and following through on them. This will demonstrate your reliability and dependability. 

Gemini women are incredible and sometimes complex individuals who want a partner they can rely on. Someone that will understand them, provide trustworthy support, and stand with them in good times as well as bad is exactly what these ambitious dreamers need to feel secure. 

Showing her you’re dependable enough for the job of being her go-to person could be just the start to opening up her heart.

What’s better is that you may even find her initiating plans and following through as she starts to see that you can be the steady partner s. 

6) Show a Gemini woman you’re ambitious

Geminis are powerful, strong-willed people that often know exactly what they want.

So, if you’re into a Gemini woman, tell her all about the things that make you passionate and your ambitions in life.

Better yet, show her aspirations can be contagious!

Not only is it sexy but it’s also inspiring for someone to share their commitment and drive toward success. Conveying a s could spark some real heat between the two of you.

7) Be charming and witty with your conversations

Gemini women are known for their witty and charming personalities. They love engaging in different conversations, topics, and debates.

Be sure to keep your conversations light, interesting, and full of humor. That’s the first step to getting her attention.

Show her that you can keep up with her dynamic and energetic personality.

Also, focus on being open-minded while being a good listener. Don’t be afraid to challenge her ideas or opinions in a respectful way.

That way, you’ll keep things interesting and show her that you have your own opinion.

But here’s the kicker: being charming and witty can be tricky. That’s because it’s all about timing and delivery.

If you need advice on this one, try speaking with a coach froms. They have the most professional and knowledgeable relationship coaches who know exactly how to approach women.

They’ll help you hone your conversational skills and feel more confident about making conversation with a Gemini woman. Plus, they’ll help you find your own unique brand of charm.


8) Experiment when it comes to sex

A Gemini woman loves exploring the pleasure of sex and pushing boundaries. They’re always on the hunt for passion.

If you want her to go after you, so be sure to bring your most vivid fantasies into play when you seek her out! Spice up an evening with a hint of role-playing or some safe bondage. She may just love the idea.

Whatever it is, it’s always a good idea to make sure that you keep things exciting and interesting while showing affection.

Remember, consistency is good, but variety is key! So don’t be afraid to experiment.

That way, she’ll know that you’re the right person she can trust to be spontaneous and s.

And who knows? If you’re willing to step outside your comfort zone, she may even start chasing after you for more!

9) Show her your mysterious side

It’s important to show a Gemini woman a mysterious and intriguing side.


Well, Gemini women are known for their curiosity and interest in the unknown.

When you keep them guessing, it will make them want to know more about you.

For instance, you can keep them wondering about your past by lightly touching on subjects but not going into detail.

You could also surprise her with fun dates and activities that she hasn’t experienced before. Keep your sense of humor and wit intact, as that can help to make conversations more exciting.

So don’t be afraid to change up your routine and keep her on her toes with something unexpected.

The key is to stay mysterious, yet open enough for her to get to s.

Be careful with this one though! You still need to remain consistent while keeping things fresh and new. Plus, be mindful that you don’t come across as one to play mind games with her.

That way, she’ll know that you can be trusted and that she doesn’t have to worry about uncertain behavior.

10) Appreciate her intelligence

Looking to make a strong impression on an intelligent Gemini woman? Showcasing your intellect is the way to go.

Don’t be afraid of debates and discussions; let her know you value what she has to say.

Believe me, s lays a solid foundation, while showing appreciation for even seemingly small things will speak volumes.

Heck, she may surprise you with how much insight she can offer!

So when it comes time for conversation, don’t miss this golden opportunity and engage in stimulating discourse that highlights both your mindsets.

By doing so, not only do you prove yourself as someone worthy of being taken seriously, but also demonstrate just why intelligence should always be celebrated between two people.

11) Get close to her friends

If you want to commit long-term with a Gemini woman, it’s essential that you get close to her friends.

After all, Geminis are known for their sociable personalities and thriving in the company of others.

While there isn’t any expectation for you to become part of the squad overnight (something impossible anyway), don’t be afraid to reach out and show them your best self.

Why not get together with her and her friends over coffee or drinks first? Start building up enough trust among each other that they’ll eventually invite you along to dinner parties and game nights, too.

Eventually, she’ll know without a doubt that she can count on having someone like yourself as an integral presence within her life.

This will make winning over her heart even easier than ever before.

The next thing you know, she’ll be the one who won’t resist chasing after you!


To capture the heart of a Gemini woman, you must take time to appreciate what makes her unique. No matter if your zodiac sign is Aries, Leo, or Taurus, all relationships thrive when given attention and care. So make sure to show understanding of her wants and needs.

You can get a Gemini woman to chase you by being consistent, appreciating her intelligence, and making it clear that s.

Experimenting with different things such as hobbies and interests is a good way of keeping things interesting and making yourself seem less predictable. You must also embrace your differences rather than try to change them.

Keep in mind to not let others pressure you into a relationship before you feel ready.

You also need to live your own life without her around. This can show you are independent and self-sufficient.

Finally, show her your social skills, be spontaneous, and flirt with her in an appropriate manner to make sure she knows you’re interested in her.

By following these steps,  you’re sure to get a Gemini woman to chase after you!

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