11 signs of intelligence shown by Prince Harry based on his Zodiac sign

The new Netflix series Meghan & Harry presents a candid portrait of the British prince and American actress.

Their engagement and marriage caught many by surprise, and have also thrust Harry further into the spotlight.

Despite much of the gossip and slander following him, Harry is an intelligent and insightful young man, and it’s fascinating to look at how his intelligence links up with his s of Virgo.

1) Thinking about topics on a deeper level

Harry demonstrates clearly that he is a man who isn’t satisfied with the surface level.

This fits with the analytical and introspective traits of Virgo, which is an earth sign that seeks to understand at a deeper level.

Harry strives to get to the bottom of complex and controversial topics including inequality, racism and media corruption.

He’s not only trying to understand the world around him, but also understand himself and how his privileged background shaped the reality he perceives.

As he says in the Netflix series, “we don’t see the world as it is. We see the world as we are.”

Harry’s insights are in keeping with Virgo’s traits of always seeking deeper truth and the crucial message or insight behind what’s going on instead of just accepting shallow answers.

His wife Meghan, a Leo, is more about being out in front of the issues and taking action, while Harry wants to first deeply understand what’s going on and why before taking real-world action.

2) Using humor to lighten difficult situations

Another of the top signs of intelligence shown by Prince Harry based on his Zodiac sign is his use of humor.

Harry has a kind of wry humor that he uses to lighten up difficult situations.

He tries to find the humor in certain things despite the stresses that he and his wife have gone through.

Virgos tend to be street-savvy and know the way the world works, but they still enjoy playing around a bit and joking.

They know that life is pretty tough, and humor is their way of trying to lighten things up for everyone now and then.

As Annabel Gat and Randon Rosenbohm note:

“They have an innocence about them, but they aren’t naive. Witty and young-at-heart Mercury is their planetary ruler, and Virgos have a playful, silly side.”

3) Identifying core problems that need fixing

Earlier I mentioned how Virgos like to analyze and think about topics at a deeper level.

This is especially true of challenges and problems facing themselves and humanity.

As we see with Harry, he embodies the Virgo trait of wanting to make a real-world difference.

As an earth sign, Virgos want to do real and practical things to make the world a better place, although they often will move more slowly and less dramatically than Leos, for example.

But in terms of his desire to make a difference in the real world and not just abstractly or in ideas, we can see that in Harry’s biography:

We can see that drive with Harry’s early decision to volunteer in Lesotho and continuing on with his charity work and development projects alongside Meghan, especially his Archewell foundation to fight for the rights of refugees, women, workers and the poor around the world.

This kind of real-world activism is right in line with Virgo’s desire to make practical differences in the lives of others.

As Aliza Kelly writes:

“…Virgos want to assist on a practical level,” and “are always striving to provide workable solutions and improve broken systems.”

“Methodical, committed, and hardworking, they make excellent teachers, healers, editors, and musicians.”

4) Being honest about his own faults and failings

In the Netflix series, Harry admits many mistakes and failings that he’s made in his life.

This includes not taking his wife’s depression seriously enough for a long time due to wanting to play the royal role well.

As a sign ruled by the planet Mercury, Virgo is all s. Mercury is the planet of communication and it cares a lot about details.

Harry not only goes into detail about the problems with his upbringing and the early tragedy of losing his mom, he also goes into detail about his own path of growth.

He’s done his best to make a life he’s proud of and that ultimately included severing ties with the royal family and writing his upcoming memoir Spare.

Honesty is a definite Virgo trait, because Virgos tend to put communication as one of their core values.

5) Facing pain instead of running from it

Another of the signs of intelligence shown by Prince Harry based on his Zodiac sign is his honesty in facing pain.

Virgo is associated with parts of our digestion that clean and purify our system, expelling what’s unneeded and keeping what nutrifies us.

On the symbolic and s level, this translates into a desire to face the hard parts of ourselves and our surroundings and transform them.

Love him or hate him, it’s clear that Harry has been grappling with some difficult subjects.

Facing the early death of his mom and media hounding that partly drove her to it was deeply traumatic for Harry.

He didn’t have the privilege of believing in the royal fairy tale right from the start, and he’s taking it upon himself to perform the Virgo role of being honest about pain and facing it instead of running away.

6) Paying attention to details

Virgo, or the Virgin, is an earth sign as I’ve mentioned. This means Virgos tend to be grounded and linked to practical growth and change.

Historically, Virgo was linked to the planting and harvest and was a sign of fertility and success in the material world.

Virgos approach the world one step at a time and they care about details.

As we can see in the Netflix series and in his wider dealings, Harry does care about details.

His new book, for example, goes to great length to spell out exactly where he stands on many issues explain what led to his split with the royal family.

While some have accused the prince of “rehashing” old news and trying to stir up unnecessary drama, this is just Harry’s way as a Virgo of going through every detail.

7) Humility and lack of bragging

In s and throughout his life, Harry has become known for being modest.

He served 10 years in the British military including two tours of Afghanistan, which he says made him grow immensely.

But you don’t hear him bragging about it…

He has friends, wealth and connections that most will never get close to, but at heart his focus is clearly on the wellbeing of his family and his own family’s mental and physical health.

Prince “Haz” as he’s known to friends, is really a normal guy.

His modesty is a typical Virgo trait.

Unlike, for example, Leo, Virgo doesn’t seek to be the center of attention or crave praise and fame.

Virgo just wants a well-organized and well-functioning world that’s working out the best for all involved.

8) Respect and scrutiny for his roots

Virgos are a rooted earth sign and they care a lot about where they come from and what built them.

They tend to have a strong interest in ancestry and discovering what their ancestors thought about life and how they lived.

Harry shows a deep interest in the history of the royal family including its positives and negatives.

He’s not afraid to criticize his roots, obviously, but he clearly also has a lot of respect for elements of the royal family including his late grandmother Queen Elizabeth II.

Virgos are often the person in the family who keeps familial records but is also willing to work on difficult subjects and family secrets that others don’t want to deal with.

Harry is definitely in line with this kind of s.

9) Choosing a high-quality partner

There’s been a ton of angry criticism and racist hogwash against Meghan in the media.

As she and Harry explain, they tried to ignore it and make the best of things but they eventually reached their limit.

The portrayal of Meghan as a useless drama queen just looking for fame is obviously hurtful, and it also implies that she’s faking her interest in Harry for personal gain.

If this was the case, she could have chosen many other, richer mates who never would have dragged her into the spotlight to nearly this degree.

Meghan’s strength in acknowledging her mental health struggles and being honest about herself deserves recognition. She’s a strong and s with ambitious goals as a mother and activist.

This is in keeping with Virgo’s pattern of attraction:

Virgos are often attracted to busy and ambitious partners who have big plans for the world.


As a Leo, Meghan likes to be the center of attention and is indeed more of a leader and a celebrity. But her own personal drive attracts Harry’s quieter, behind-the-scenes Virgo personality, as both combine their skills and styles to accomplish their goals and build a family.

As Harry notes, he and Meghan were both very involved in many causes in their life and came together in a very joyful way, bringing in the best of both of their skills and dreams.

As Lisa Stardust notes for Today:

“Leo loves the way Virgo makes them feel, while Virgo is grateful for the spiritual insight and emotional development that the fire sign brings to their emotional life.”

We can certainly see this with Harry and his frequent praise of his wife for opening his eyes to injustices he hadn’t fully understood and her own experiences as a biracial woman.

10) Loyalty in love

Virgos tend to be very loyal in love.

Harry explains how his dating life before Meghan was quite disappointing, because soon after starting to date someone they would get spooked by the invasive media and break up with him.

Meeting Meghan was different.

For one thing, the two of them kept their connection under wraps for as long as possible before admitting it to the world.

For another thing, Harry says that their time along before going public, including their couple trip to Botswana made them have to be sure they really wanted to be together.

Once they were sure, they were sure.

Since then, by all accounts, Harry has been a faithful husband and exemplary dad.

This is in keeping with Virgo’s trait of being a loyal partner and intelligence in choosing to be with someone they truly want to stay with.

As astrologer Lauren Ash explains:

“…As an earth sign, they are incredibly loyal and won’t run at the first sign of conflict. This sensible and sensual sign sees commitment as a long–lasting endeavor, and they’re willing to put in the work”

11) Love of gardening and high environmental intelligence

Prince Harry and Meghan both love gardening and have a massive garden with a pond at their Montecito, California, residence.

Virgos love growing things outdoors and often have high environmental intelligence.

As a symbol of fertility and growing, they are often greenthumbs who love working with plants and flowers as well as just being in the outdoors.

In the Netflix series, Harry’s clear love of being out in nature and teaching his young son Archie to also love and appreciate nature is clear.

We can also see how his Archewell foundation aims to work on many projects around bettering and protecting the environment.

Harry’s high environmental intelligence and understanding and appreciation for nature is certainly in keeping with his Zodiac sign of Virgo.

Being a spare

Harry’s new tell-all memoir Spare goes on sale January 10.

It’s already leaked days early in Spain and includes explosive details of his brother William assaulting him as well as more about his difficult childhood and adolescence.

While critics say William is riding controversy and trash talking his family for money, supporters point out that he’s simply wanting his side of the story to be heard.

Feeling like he’s been second best and a fallback plan his whole life, and being made to be a dancing monkey for the media took its toll on Harry.

His Virgo traits help explain to us why he’s now using his voice to document his story and what he wants to see change in our society.

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