Scorpio soulmate compatibility: 4 zodiac matches, ranked

Scorpios are notorious for being the most passionate of all the zodiacs, and not everyone can handle their intensity.

But as with every star sign, there are matches that are almost perfect, or at least highly compatible.

Here are the top four zodiacs that s, and the reasons why they’re a good match.

4) Virgo: 7/10

Emotional connection: Strong

Virgo is flexible enough to keep up with Scorpio’s extremes, while its earth element grounds those very same powerful emotions and passions.

This means that Virgo and Scorpio are quite capable of good s, with Virgo providing a calming influence to Scorpio, and Scorpio providing more adventures to Virgo.

Sexual compatibility rating: Promising

Sex will not start off great immediately for these two. Virgo has an image to maintain, but actually has a few kinks they may want to unleash when they find the right person.

If Scorpio is sensitive enough to draw the other’s wild side out, then it should be a relationship worth the patience.

Communicative ability: Strong

Because Virgo gives a very well-kept vibe, they are often misunderstood and hard to figure out when they have other feelings that might be brewing underneath their calm and collected exterior.

Normally this is what puts off a Scorpio, but once they can crack the other’s mysterious persona, they can cozy up pretty well.

What makes Scorpio-Virgo a good match?

The beauty of this pairing is that they will likely quite start off as friends. One has a pure and pristine image while the other has the aura of a cold and brooding dark knight.

You’d never expect this match to go well, but if it works in those Harlequin romances, then it must work in real life. It’s the classic frenemies-turned-lovers match.

Tips to make it even better:

Because they tend to clash image-wise and with how they project themselves to others, there is a tendency that these two often criticize each other.

They also have s. Scorpios can become too fixated on one thing until they get over it, while Virgo doesn’t mind doing multiple things all at once.

The trick is to let each other be. If they are just allowed to play to their own strengths in solving problems, they will eventually reach the finish line together and will become an unstoppable force.

3) Pisces: 8/10

Emotional connection: Very Strong

Both Scorpio and Pisces are water signs so they “get” each other so easily. They are known to be the most sensitive of the zodiacs, so they can read each other’s moods.

So in this sense, they move together like a river gliding through the rocks.

Pisces also balances the more rigid Scorpio. Pisces are very well known to adapt easily so they can always go with the flow whenever the Scorpion is feeling a bit on edge.

Sexual compatibility rating: Average but profound

While Pisces may be open to the wilder side of things when it comes to the bedroom, because of their mutability, they can actually adjust to anything the partner may desire.

In this case, the Scorpio may be intense but only because of their deep desire to share their love to their partner.

Because of this, their common ground is having a meaningful and emotional form of sex only to connect in the deepest way possible— not to merely have fun, but to explore all there is to know of the other.

Communicative ability: Very Strong

Given that both zodiacs are highly perceptive, these two will not have a hard time s. This can result in a beautiful bond and they will seem extremely close as they can communicate on the same wavelength.

What makes Scorpio-Pisces a good match?

Pisces doesn’t like to make plans but the Scorpio can be just as spontaneous.

So with these two, they can just live life on a day-to-day basis and be relaxed. Pisces has a very creative nature that Scorpio can put to good use to reach their common goals.

Tips to make it even better:

Mood swings and sensitivity to the point of tears, these are the traits that a Pisces can upstage a Scorpio at. Pisces prefer grand gestures when it comes to romance. If Scorpio can just pick up on it with an intensity to match, which for sure they will, then these two will have no problem riding the ebb and flow on a rewarding relationship.

2) Cancer: 8.5/10

Emotional connection: Strong

A Scorpio is known for their extremes when it comes to feelings. And when we combine that with a passionate temperament, it might seem that the smartest choice is to simply step away.

But Cancer could be the ideal person to reign in Scorpio’s impassioned fits.

This is because of Cancer’s sensitive and nurturing characteristics. Cancer is thoughtful and patient, and this is what Scorpio needs to have a harmonious relationship.

Sexual compatibility rating: Great

Cancer is shy and reserved in the bedroom, while Scorpio is bold and does whatever they desire.

It will take Cancer some time to get used to this difference and become comfortable enough to indulge Scorpio, so patience is a must. But once they feel the emotional connection, the sex will flow naturally.

Communicative ability: Very Strong

As a water sign, the relationship built with Cancer is a safe space where the often secretive Scorpio can confide in.

What a Scorpio s is someone who can make them feel protected—someone who will honor their desire for trustworthiness above all.

And Cancer fits the bill, with the grace to be worthy of trust and a nurturing nature that will make Scorpio feel at ease with being vulnerable for once.

What makes Scorpio-Cancer a good match?

To a Scorpio, a Cancer soulmate will feel like a gentle oasis who will offer them comfort and stillness whenever they’re feeling distraught and troubled.

Think of it like after the Scorpio’s exploits in trying to find the one, they’ve finally found a warm and inviting place they can call home.

Tips to make it even better:

Of course, as with every match, comes a catch. Cancer’s protective nature can become unwieldy to the point of jealousy as they can become quite insecure. But as long as Scorpio can validate their feelings, balance is achieved.

1) Taurus: 9.5/10

Emotional connection: Very Strong

Despite constant clashes and being astrological opposites on the map, Taurus and Scorpio actually have a lot in common.

They believe in similar principles and their sense of loyalty is top-notch. Taurus can be very dedicated and driven, but Scorpio can evenly match the energy.

Sexual compatibility rating: Very Intense

Taurus and Scorpio are both feisty and wild in bed, so it’s no surprise that sex between the two of them are bound to be scandalously out of this world.

They will be so at ease with each other sexually, and so compatible that their sex lives will likely be one of the major reasons why they are drawn to each other.

Communicative ability: Very Strong

Being the bull, the s is inherently headstrong. This can clash with the Scorpio’s fierce passion, but that’s actually perfect for them especially once they learn to understand one another.

Scorpio loves a bit of a challenge and believes that there is no true love without a fight. There will be much conflict between these two but they know what they’re getting into, and they thrive in it.

What makes Scorpio-Taurus the best match?

You’d think that because of their star alignments, these two would never get along.

Taurus is the directional opposite of Scorpio. But with how this two mesh when put together, maybe this is where the adage “opposites attract” comes from.

Tips to make it even better:

Because both signs seem to be unrelenting once they’ve made up their mind, it might be hard for one of them to compromise. This could be the leading cause of a wedge in the relationship, but once they learn to find the middle ground, they’ll be set for life.

The Scorpio in love

Scorpios love with all of their heart. And it’s really rewarding to be in a relationship with one. Known for their intensity, authenticity, and faithfulness, you’ll experience love like you never had before.

But it’s not easy to get along with a Scorpio romantically, and it’s easy to see why when you look at the traits that define them:

  • Scorpios are very jealous, possessive, and demanding.
  • Scorpios always want to be in control.
  • Scorpios are a little too high-strung.
  • Scorpios can be manipulative at times.

All these come together to make the Scorpio a very intense and s. A wrong partner can find them toxic and too “complicated,” but the right ones will find them irreplaceable.

What if my sign is not on this list?

If you’re a Scorp or you’re in love with one, it pays to know if your zodiac sign is compatible with the Scorpio.

But then, what happens if your sign isn’t one of the four that I mentioned? Does it mean you’re not meant to be?

You’d be surprised by my answer: Not at all.

A Scorpio’s soulmate is bound to be one of these four based on their matching sun signs. But being soulmates is more than just that!

And while zodiacs are a wonderful guide to our personalities and destinies, it’s not at all accurate.

Rather than relying on astrology, I highly recommend getting a personalized love reading from a psychic.

I highly recommend s for this.

While they give importance to astrology, they have other ways of knowing if you have potential with someone or not.

Their multi-pronged approach and no-BS guidance can definitely improve your chances of finding the one.


Whichever of s, you’ll know how to deal with the infamous, sexually-charged scorpion who loves to be on top.

And even if your very fates are written by the stars and woven together by the universe itself, they’re not exactly set in stone.

All relationships require varying degrees of sensitivity, communication, and effort.

Though the universe has it all planned out for the two of you, how you get there is definitely up to you.

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