4 zodiac signs who struggle to set boundaries in relationships

Astrology is not just about predicting whether you’re going to have a good day or not.

It delves deeper, into your personality, your tendencies, and even the way you manage relationships.

In fact, it can even say something about why some people seem to have a hard time setting boundaries in relationships, and why others do it with ease.

And if you’re wondering which zodiac sign is which, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’re going to look at which zodiac signs struggle the most when it comes to setting boundaries in their relationships.

Let’s begin.

1) Pisces

s, known for their empathetic and compassionate nature, often find themselves struggling to set boundaries in relationships.

Their innate desire to help and understand others often leads them to put other people’s needs before their own.

They have a tendency to absorb the emotions of those around them like a sponge, which can sometimes leave them feeling drained and overwhelmed.

s can be a real challenge for Pisces.

They fear that by doing so, they might come across as selfish or uncaring. This often results in them saying ‘yes’ when they really want to say ‘no’.

Pisces need to understand that setting boundaries isn’t about s, but about protecting their own mental and emotional wellbeing.

Yes, they are naturally nurturing souls, but they also need to learn when it’s time to put themselves first.

2) Libra

s are often hailed for their diplomatic and harmonious nature.

They are the peacemakers of the zodiac, always striving to maintain balance and harmony in their relationships.

However, this strong desire for peace can sometimes make it difficult for Libras to set boundaries.

They fear that asserting themselves might create conflict or upset the balance they’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Their innate desire to please others often leads them to compromise more than they should, causing them to neglect their own needs and wants.

Libras may find themselves going along with things they aren’t comfortable with just to avoid confrontation.

For Libras, setting boundaries can be seen as a form of s. By expressing their needs and asserting their limits, they’re not creating conflict but ensuring mutual respect in their relationships.

3) Cancer

Cancers, with their nurturing and sensitive nature, are often known to struggle with setting boundaries in relationships.

Their instinct to take care of others often leaves them vulnerable to neglecting their own needs and feelings.

They worry that setting boundaries might make them appear unloving or uncaring. This fear often leads them to tolerate behavior that crosses their comfort zone.

However, Cancers need to realize that setting boundaries is a form of self-care. It’s about respecting their own needs and emotions, not rejecting those of others.

4) Gemini

s are known for their social and adaptable nature. Their desire to be liked and accepted often leads them to struggle with setting boundaries in relationships.

They fear that by asserting themselves, they might offend others or lose their approval. This can lead them into situations where they compromise their own comfort and happiness.

However, Geminis need to understand that setting boundaries is not about isolating themselves but about communicating their needs effectively.

Why these signs struggle with setting boundaries


Now that we know which signs struggle with setting boundaries in relationships, let’s discuss how they can be able to more effectively set them.

Balancing empathy and self-care

For signs like Pisces and Cancer, empathy plays a significant role in their struggle to set boundaries.

These individuals are naturally attuned to the emotions of others, often prioritizing them over their own.

They don’t merely struggle with setting boundaries; they grapple with the guilt that comes with asserting their needs. This struggle often leaves them feeling drained and taken for granted.

This isn’t about being pushovers; it’s about finding a balance between empathy and self-care.

Developing assertiveness

Libra and Gemini, known for their diplomatic and adaptable nature, often struggle with developing assertiveness.

Their desire for harmony and acceptance can sometimes lead them to neglect their own needs.

They use relationships to foster peace and understanding, sometimes at the cost of their own comfort.

For them, setting boundaries isn’t about causing conflict but learning to express their needs without guilt. It’s a journey towards developing assertiveness while maintaining their harmonious nature.

Freedom to express needs

The freedom to express one’s needs is another significant challenge faced by these zodiac signs.

Whether it’s a Pisces struggling to say ‘no’, or a Gemini trying not to please everyone, these signs often find themselves suppressing their needs. There’s pressure to conform, fear of judgment; just pure, unfiltered self-neglect.

This struggle hinders personal growth, making setting boundaries an essential part of their emotional wellbeing.

Power in self-care

For some signs, setting boundaries can be synonymous with self-care and empowerment. It’s about taking charge of one’s emotional wellbeing, s that prioritize oneself.

Cancer, for example, finds power in nurturing others, while Libra seeks balance in relationships. This balance can only be achieved when they learn to set boundaries effectively.

This sense of self-care and personal strength adds a unique dimension to their relationships.

Lessons other signs can learn about setting boundaries

If your sign is not on the list, don’t worry! There’s still a lot you can learn from the signs we discussed.

1) Embracing self-care

Setting boundaries doesn’t have to equate to being selfish. Learn to assert your needs, as this can help you understand that self-care is essential for healthy relationships.

2) Communication is key

For those looking to improve their relationships, effective communication is crucial.

Expressing your needs and setting boundaries can lead to mutual understanding and respect.

3) Boundaries as a form of respect

Setting boundaries can also be a form of self-respect.

Express your limits clearly and assertively, helping you foster healthier relationships.

4) Building confidence and strength

Setting boundaries teaches self-confidence and strength. Trust your feelings, make your own decisions, and find empowerment in your ability to assert themselves.

5) Control over your emotional wellbeing

Creating a balance between the needs of others and your own can be fulfilling and essential for emotional wellbeing.

6) Recognizing the value of boundaries

Sometimes, the desire to please others makes us forget the importance of setting boundaries.

Recognize the value of asserting your needs, not just as a way to avoid conflict but as a necessary part of self-care and personal growth.

7) Finding balance in relationships

Just like the featured signs, other zodiacs can learn to find a healthy balance in relationships. It’s not about isolating oneself but recognizing when to assert one’s needs.

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