5 zodiac signs who are happiest when they’re in a committed relationship

Long-term relationships take work. 

You might think you’ve sealed the deal after meeting someone, feeling a spark ignite, and deciding to take it on to the next chapter of your relationship.

But the spark often isn’t enough. Long-lasting relationships are built upon trust, loyalty, and commitment. With the right partner and with enough effort, relationships can give us an incredible sense of happiness and fulfillment. 

Some people are also just naturally happier when in a relationship. 

You might see this in a friend who never seems to be single and just flits from one relationship to the next. 

Maybe you’re a relationship fanatic and thrive most with the love and commitment of a stable partner. 

Or maybe you’re on the hunt for someone with whom you can find joint happiness whilst both enjoying the process.

Either way, let’s take a look at the 5 zodiac signs who are happiest when they’re in a committed relationship:

1) Taurus

You might have a hard time getting a Taurus to commit to you. 

They love the idea of love, and they want to be in love, but they’re cautious about who they give that love to. Their earthy and steadfast nature means that they tend to have traditional values. 

They approach dating and relationships looking for stability and reciprocated emotions before diving into commitment.

Stubborn as hell, you can also be sure that you won’t get these bulls to commit to just anyone.

However, when you do get a Taurus to commit, there will be doubt in the fact that they’ll move heaven and earth to make you both happy. 

Trust me, they’ve thought long and hard before deciding you’re definitely the one. 

In it for the long haul, you’re looking at plenty of quality time, fancy dates, and consistent communication. They know the time and effort fulfilling relationships take and have no problem motivating themselves to make sure you’re both getting the most out of your time together. How could you both not be happy?

2) Libra

Social butterflies and compassionate individuals, Libras love investing their care and kindness into relationships. They’re fun and flirty, but if you’ve entered into a committed relationship, you can be certain that both of you will be having a good time. 

They might still love making new BFFs and talking to everyone they meet, but now you’re the center of their attention.

Libras live by their words. They’ll be set on making you feel valued and will be sure to check in on you through deep-dive conversations and regular date nights. 

Neither of you will be bored in this relationship as Libras love to chase fun and adventures and will be more than willing to take their partner along the way.

3) Scorpio

Perhaps a surprising candidate on the list, but Scorpio partners thrive off of long-term commitment. 

Often misunderstood due to their intensity, they’re fiercely loyal and protective when in a long-term relationship. 

It’s unlikely that you’ll find yourself playing mind games or your loyalty being tested. No time for these – they crave emotional connection and will shun anything that might get in the way of building that bond.

Scorpios thrive off of routine and consistency, and will not only be ready to but will actually enjoy building a safe haven for you both. 

They’ll go to any means to demonstrate their commitment and will be candid in showing how passionate they are, to an extent that might make you blush at times.

Admittedly, it might take them a while to truly open up and show all the quirky habits they keep hidden under their tough exterior. 

When they do, you can be sure that they really trust you, and you’ll both have a great time making kimchi. Or folding origami. Or going on geocaching adventures. 

What was theirs is now yours, combined.

4) Pisces

Adoring and a bit of a hopeless romantic, Pisces partners love the idea of love. 

Desperate to find the ideal romance they have fantasized about, they can get attached to people pretty quickly. Sometimes too quickly. They might already be guiltily planning their wedding outfit on the second date. 

However, they really value relationship milestones and will work tirelessly to keep the spark alive. Think big Valentine’s celebrations as well as thoughtful little gifts, lavish trips away and random acts of kindness and love like doing all your household chores. 

Pisces partners really invest and envision a fairy-tale romance. 

They’ve spent their life dreaming about a runaway romance and will do their utmost to make sure both of you get your happily-ever-after. 

5) Cancer

The caregiving tendencies of Cancer partners mean that they will nurture a committed relationship and never let resentment or misunderstandings get swept under the carpet.

They can be a little hard to get to know owing to their shyness and passivity, but once you’ve gotten a Cancer to open up, you can be certain that they’re giving your relationship their all. 

After all, they don’t tend to be fans of casual hook-ups or quick flings, so for them, this is serious. And serious things take time and work – all of which Cancer partners are very willing to give. 

Dedicated homebodies, Cancer partners will work diligently at merging your lives in a way that suits you both. 

In their eyes, everyday relationship activities are never tiresome nor mundane. They love the purpose that committed relationships provide them and will put plenty of effort into making sure you’re both happy together.

I’m in a long-term relationship, but not with one of the above…

Don’t worry – astrology provides us with guidelines. It’s not a one-size-fits-all, and it definitely doesn’t mean you should break up with your long-term partner just because they’re an Aries.

Every relationship is unique and we’re each composed of different aspects of zodiac signs. What you and your partner score on a compatibility test doesn’t define your relationship (although you can check out our guide on who would make a great match for you).

What’s most important is that you’re both open and honest, ready to communicate your issues, and are willing to grow and evolve as a team. 



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