Will a Cancer man leave his wife? Everything you need to know

Cancer is an emotional, sensitive zodiac sign.

They are mostly reserved and careful with their emotions.

However, if you want to know whether or not your Cancer man will leave his wife for good, there is a general rule that you can use to predict what he might do.

11 traits about Cancer men in the relationship:

1) Cancer men are the most loyal of all zodiac signs

According to the statistics of astrology, Cancer men are the most loyal lovers.

Many studies have shown that Cancer men are faithful, devoted, and caring when it comes to love.

These men do not easily cheat on their significant other.

Relationship experts say that they tend to stay with their partners no matter what is happening in their relationship and how bad how things are going.

2) They need a lot of love and attention to feel loved

Here’s an interesting fact:

In the Zodiac, the sign of Cancer is a water sign.

Water is known as very deep and undivided love.

The qualities of the zodiac sign Cancer are reflected in both their lovers and themselves.

Be it in relationships with other people or their own feelings about themselves, they will not easily feel loved by others or meet the standards that they set for themselves.

They need to be strongly loved by others to feel satisfied with life and their own happiness.

So they must have set a high bar of what they need to be loved by others. It is almost impossible for them to get over the feeling of being unloved and unappreciated.

3) Cancer men are attracted to women with a tough spirit

Cancer men are mostly attracted to women with a strong will and brave spirit.

They love women who are not afraid to speak their minds.

Cancer men tend to be more comfortable with women who have the ability to protect themselves and be independent.

Although they want a woman who is strong and independent, they also must make sure that they feel loved by her.

The Cancer men are attracted to confident and caring women like Pisces, Virgo, Taurus, Scorpio, or Aries women.

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5) Cancer men are traditionalists

This means they have a set notion of what love is.

They had a secure upbringing that taught them to expect certain things in relationships.

Even though they are open to change and new experiences, their love for traditional values makes it difficult for them to break away from what they know works in relationships.

So it all adds up to this:

He will likely stick with a woman who is the same type of woman that he has been accustomed to.

Or he will try harder to save his relationship instead of leaving it.

6) They get fixated on the past

Based on their zodiac sign, Cancer men tend to be very emotional and sensitive.

But they are also known to have a long memory.

When they face problems in relationships, it is common for them to remember the previous wounds that have been inflicted on them by people they care about.

They will not easily forget broken promises and lies told by someone close to them.

They take the responsibility of keeping their relationship secure very seriously.

But wait, there’s more!

They love to reminisce about the past and remember the good times that they’ve had with a significant other.

They tend to get fixated on the past, which means that even if your Cancer man has been unhappy in his relationship, he would value the great memories and moments that he has shared with his partner in the past.

7) Cancer men are fiercely protective of their family

One of the most striking traits of this zodiac sign is the way they care for their family.

Cancer men are very protective of their loved ones.

They are able to juggle the work in their workplace and be an outstanding provider at home.

In addition, they will keep spending time with their children and doing things that they enjoy as a family.

If they feel like they are being threatened in any way, they will defend themselves and their loved ones with all the power that they have.

They may not be physically strong, but they make up for it by defending what they love most; their family.

8) They’re not very good at expressing themselves in words

Because of their quiet nature, Cancer men have a difficult time expressing themselves in words.

They usually let their actions do the talking for them.

This is why if you want to know what your Cancer man is thinking about his marriage, you should try to read between the lines and pay attention to his body language.

But I know it can be pretty difficult to read his feelings, especially since they are so complicated.

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9) Cancer men are willing to sacrifice for their wife

They are willing to sacrifice for the woman they love.

For example, if you’re about to go on a trip with your Cancer man, he might tell you that it’s not safe for you to go.

However, deep down inside, he also knows that you shouldn’t be alone during such an important time in your life.

So he will willingly accompany you and make sure that nothing would happen to you.

And when it comes to loyalty, they are some of the most faithful and loyal people in the world.

Things like family, friends and even career can be put aside in order for the relationship to work out.

10) They are not afraid of commitment

That’s right!

They don’t fear making a commitment.

They want to be fully committed and loving towards their wife and are ready to do whatever it takes.

This means that even if they ever need to try something new, they are willing to do what they think will help them win their significant other heart.

The last one is pretty self-explanatory, but here goes anyway:

It can be very hard for a Cancer man to find the perfect woman for his life.

They have a tendency to be picky and seek out the same type of woman over and over again.

So when they finally find someone who may interest them, they will try to use everything they’ve got to win them over.

They can make all the necessary changes because they want their future wife to be happy with them.

11) They may be unable to deal with emotions

They care deeply about their loved ones and do not like to see them suffer.

And it is very common for them to take on the responsibility of protecting their loved ones from any potential threats.

But at the same time, they are known to be sensitive and emotional in nature.

Due to this characteristic, they can often struggle with expressing themselves when it comes to their feelings. This can sometimes leave them drained and overextended.

To make matters worse, they also tend to be more easily prone to depression and anxiety as a result of not being able to express their feelings.

Signs that a Cancer man will leave his wife

So we have covered 11 traits of a Cancer man in a relationship. But are you still wondering if he will leave his wife?

The signs that he will leave her can be quite subtle, but they are definitely there.

Their emotions can be completely hidden and they may not communicate their feelings to you at all.

In fact, they can often appear too calm and collected to a point where people around them may wonder whether or not something is wrong in their marriage.

But, when you look at these 7 signs a Cancer man will leave his wife, it all makes sense.

1) He has a tendency to become stricken with sadness and depression

They are an emotional bunch, which can be difficult to deal with during a crisis.

But if you’re thinking that they may just be emotional as a result of their job and not serious enough to leave their wife, you are wrong.

Their emotions can be real and substantial.

In fact, many Cancer men suffer from depression because they have trouble expressing their feelings with words.

When some of the most important people in their life get hurt, it can cause considerable stress for them both emotionally and mentally.

So if you think he may be suffering from depression, get him to a therapist so they could get the help they need.

2) He makes rash decisions without thinking it through

Think about this for a moment:

If he is ready to throw away everything he has worked for over the years, and then make a rash decision because he is emotionally overwhelmed, what else could be going on inside?

The same can be applied when it comes to his marriage.

Even if they have not been together for that long.

And you can really tell if a Cancer man will leave his wife if you pay attention to his decisions.

For example, if he starts doing things like getting a tattoo, breaking up with his family or friend, and bragging about it without even thinking it through, he is probably coming undone.

You can tell just by looking at him if there’s a problem in his life.

3) He becomes very irresponsible in his financial dealings

As we’ve discussed before, Cancer men are often very intelligent and know how to balance their financial transactions.

But when they are overwhelmed with emotions, they sometimes change their financial decisions quickly.

This can lead to making risky investments that can result in losing a lot of money and jeopardizing their financial stability.

Oftentimes, it may be on purpose if a Cancer man is planning to leave his wife and kids.

Check his social media accounts regularly to see if he’s spending more than he earns.

4) He starts keeping secrets from her

Most of the time, Cancer men do not want to upset their loved ones, so they will do whatever it takes to keep them calm.

If he does not want to end his relationship with his wife, he can easily hide his unstable emotions by pretending like nothing is wrong.

However, in case you notice that he is keeping secrets from you even though you are close, it is a big red flag!

But, of course, there can be some perfectly legitimate reasons why he doesn’t tell you what’s going on in his life.

So try to look into the reasons behind why he’s keeping secrets.

5) He may show less affection in public than usual

One of the most significant signs that a Cancer man will leave his wife is if he starts showing less affection than he normally would in public.

It may just be simply because he does not want to show his affection for you in front of others.

But on the other hand, it can also be a sign that he is feeling insecure about the relationship, and this behavior will definitely increase as time goes by.

If you see this change in your Cancer man, try to talk to him about it.

Maybe something happened that made him feel bad about the marriage, and that’s why he wants to hide his affection for you in public.

6) He is emotionally distracted and has no time for her

Even though they are one of the most dedicated and loyal types of people to their relationships, you can tell if a Cancer man is going to leave his wife when he starts ignoring her.

For example, you will probably notice that he seems distracted in public sometimes and even ends up ignoring his family right in front of them.

But it’s not a good sign if he does this for long periods of time.

This could be a big indication that he’s thinking about ending the relationship, especially if he’s been ignoring her for weeks on end.

So before you get all worried, try talking to him about it and see what’s going on in his life.

7) He isn’t as romantic as before

Trust me, even the most boring Cancer man can sometimes show a lot of romance, especially around his girlfriend or wife.

But if you start to notice that he is no longer romantic towards you, even though he was before, then this is a big sign!

For instance, Cancer men are extremely romantic when it comes to spending time with their partners.

So if he suddenly stops being romantic, then there’s a pretty good chance that he plans on breaking up with you.

It’s important to note that this is not a definitive sign of his intentions.

It’s usually just a sign that something is a little out of whack in his life.

He may just be overwhelmed with emotions and not knowing what to do about it, or too shy to tell you how he feels.

Final thoughts

Cancer men are not an easy deal for the women around them.

They are strong and loyal to the women they love, but when you notice all of these signs, it’s time to start thinking about protecting your relationship!

If you are uncertain about what to do, it’s time for you to start looking for a good gifted advisor to help you out.

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