Why you’re still single, based on your zodiac sign

Who here has looked up their relationship compatibility with other zodiac signs? And who here has wondered why they’re still single, even after doing all that they can to attract a certain sign?

I have – and even if you don’t believe in astrology, there’s a lot you can learn about yourself from taking a look at what your zodiac sign means.

For example: relationships. But more specifically, let’s talk about why you’re still single – and why you can’t seem to click with the people you’ve dated no matter how hard you’ve tried.

Let’s get started.

1) Aries: You want excitement

So, you’re an Aries. And you know what they say about your sign: you’re a go-getter, and you dive into new experiences without thinking too much about what could go wrong.

Maybe you’ve been jumping from one date to the next for the thrill of it. But you’ve lost sight of what it means to be in a relationship.

That’s why you’re always single – you don’t know how to be sincere to the person you’re dating.

Here’s how to fix that: realize that there’s more to relationships than a quick lay, and get interested in your date as an individual.

2) Taurus: You can’t commit

Next up, we have the Taurus sign. Represented by the bull, this sign is known to be intensely loyal in relationships – but only if it’s the right person.

So why are you still single if you’re actively seeking “the one?” Well, it could be that you’ve got some commitment issues holding you back.

Here’s how you can tell: you always feel like something’s “wrong” when you meet someone you’re attracted to.

Like you’re not ready to give your all to that special guy or gal…

But it’s got nothing to do with them. You may be at a point in your life where your career is more important, or you’ve got other priorities.

And let’s be honest: it’s hard to develop a meaningful relationship with anyone when you’re too focused on another area of your life.

3) Gemini: You’re indecisive

Now let’s talk about Geminis. Being one myself, I can attest to this trait of mine that has made me question why I have trouble settling down.

When it comes to relationships, Geminis are always looking at their options. Yes, the stereotype of Geminis being “players” may have some truth to it.

This sign needs constant mental stimulation which their dates may not be able to provide – so they go on searching for someone more exciting.

Here’s how to fix that: don’t rely on your partner to entertain you.

Try to immerse yourself in fulfilling activities that can keep you engaged, so they become a companion you want to spend your free time with.

4) Cancer: You’re overemotional

As a Cancer, you may have heard from others that you’re too emotional. That it can turn your dates off when you want to commit after just a short time.

Again, this isn’t a bad thing. But maybe you’re still single because other people aren’t in touch with their emotions like you are.

Next time, try this: pause and get to know the person you’re dating – quirks and all.

Maybe your initial feelings are part of the thrill of dating something new and don’t translate to something long-term.

5) Leo: You’re too self-focused

Next up: we have the fire sign Leo. And you may have heard of the stereotype that Leos are full of themselves and love attention.

There’s definitely some truth to that. Many Leos work in entertainment and media as they love the energy that comes from interacting with others.

Of course, this could be why you’re not in a relationship: you’re too self-focused, and make your dates feel invisible by talking over them.

If you want to fix that, remember that the world doesn’t revolve around you.

You may be an expert in your field or a talented performer, but you’re still human. And your date is, too.

6) Virgo: You’re a workaholic

Let’s talk about Virgo, the sign known for being a workaholic. In fact, you may already know why you’re still single.

Like Taurus, you’re a grounded Earth sign who wants to provide for yourself. But because you’re so focused on climbing the corporate ladder, you’ve never had time to take your relationships to the next level.

So here’s how to make your next date successful:

  • Understand that relationships can add value to your life
  • See meeting new people as a chance to expand your social circle
  • Trust that you will find time in your schedule for a relationship
  • Realize that money and success aren’t enough to lead a meaningful life

7) Libra: Your standards are too high

If you’re a Libra, you may be someone with high standards when it comes to relationships. And it’s not hard to see why.

You love taking care of yourself – by dressing up, putting on makeup, and hanging out with equally stunning friends. That’s why you’re hoping to date someone who’s “on your level”.

But this could be a reason why you’re single – you might be missing out on great partners because you tend to judge people by their appearances.

8) Scorpio: You’re intimidating

Scorpio: you may have heard from people that you’re hard to approach. That you’re suspicious of others, and take a long time to open up.

With the prevalence of hookup culture, people no longer have an incentive to get to know someone.

That’s why your dates may think you’re playing hard to get, when really, you’re just making sure you can trust them – and rightfully so, since these are people you haven’t known for a long time.

Here’s how you can make things less complicated: don’t be afraid to show your true self to others.

Even if you do get hurt, realize it’s part of getting into a relationship. Sometimes, people change their minds and it sucks – but that’s life.

9) Sagittarius: You don’t like being vulnerable

Being a Sagittarius, you’re a passionate go-getter in your relationships. Like Aries, your fellow fire sign, you love the thrill of dating and enjoy diving head-first into new challenges.

That’s right, you like the chase.

But you don’t like to get vulnerable. And that’s because you’re secretly afraid of being judged for who you are.

Remember this: getting into a relationship requires that you let yourself go. And it doesn’t mean letting your guard down completely.

You just need to learn how to be honest – both about your feelings and who you really are.

10) Capricorn: You put others down too much

Are you someone who puts your friends and partners down – but just as a joke? Well, don’t sit there and expect everyone to take it.

If you’re wondering why you’re still single, this could be a reason: you’ve been dating people who are more sensitive than you are.

While it might help to date people who are more similar to you in the future, you might want to consider this: is it possible to be less mean?

That’s right. Capricorns may come off as mean sometimes – and no one wants to date someone like that, even if it’s just their sense of humor.

11) Aquarius: You get distracted easily

Let’s talk about you, Aquarius, and why you aren’t in a relationship still: you get distracted too easily.

Like Gemini, your fellow Air sign, you require lots of mental stimulation. But for you, you channel your creative energy into a variety of hobbies that could drive another person crazy.

Yes, that might be why you’re single. You’re a free spirit who can’t stand being in the same place for a long time.

But of course, this can affect your relationships; and maybe you’ve tried to take your partners along on these activities even if they aren’t interested.

Remember: it’s all about compromise – know that your partner deserves some of your time too. And maybe you could get involved in their hobbies as well to show that you’re truly interested in them.

12) Pisces: You’re a hopeless romantic

Last but not least: Pisces. You might be the sign that hates being single the most, and that’s because you’re a hopeless romantic.

You enjoy dreaming up the ways you and your lover will spend the rest of your lives together, in a faraway land and maybe even in a castle.

Well, I have bad news: this might be the reason why you’re single. While you love being in a relationship, you’re more concerned with the idea of it.

This means you’re someone who never follows through on their promises – and your partners can see that.

Here’s how to stop living in your head: know that relationships take work, and it’s never as simple as just declaring your love to someone.

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