10 things to do when a Scorpio woman stops talking to you

If you’re reading this article, chances are, you’ve got a Scorpio woman in your life who has suddenly distanced herself from you.

Here’s the interesting thing about the Scorpio woman.

She’s a loyal friend who creates deep and authentic emotional connections. If you’ve got one in your life, hold on to her—she’s definitely a keeper!

However, she also has a dark and moody side. And—this is probably how you feel—it can be confusing and heartbreaking when she suddenly goes quiet and stops talking to you.

What to do when this happens to you, then? For sure, you want to know how to get her to open up again.

In this article, I’ll show you what you can do when a Scorpio lady starts ignoring you.

Let’s dive in!

1) Do not ignore her back

When your Scorpio woman stops talking to you, it can be perplexing to understand why.

Did you offend her? Are you being too clingy? Is it just a test to see what you’ll do?

With a Scorpio woman, it’s likely to be two things: she’s either testing you or demanding more attention.

Whatever the reason, it’s a bad idea to ignore her right back.

Because let me tell you right now: Scorpio women are known for being easily offended.

And since they are equally known for being devoted in relationships, they typically expect the same level of devotion from you.

So, the more you ignore a Scorpio woman, the more she’ll feel disrespected.

At the same time…

2) Respect her space and give her time

See how tricky dealing with a Scorpio woman can be?

Yes, you shouldn’t ignore her, but giving her the time and space she needs is also important.

The curious thing about a Scorpio woman is that she is hot and fiery, but…she also likes controlling what she shares with people.

If that’s not complicated, I don’t know what is.

And because she’s got a wide range of emotions running through her, she may take longer to process how she feels.

My friend, patience is the key here.

Give her enough time to sift through these feelings and calm down. Don’t rush her or try to force her to talk.

But remember, don’t give her too long a time, or you’ll risk your relationship with her ending completely.

It’s all about balance.

3) Communicate openly

One of the most notable traits of Scorpio women is that they are passionate and complex.

However, they also have a secretive side, so they typically don’t reveal their true feelings or intentions easily.

If you feel the need to reach out to her, try to be open and honest about your feelings. Let her know you care about her and that you’re there for her if she needs you.

4) Don’t try to control her

I guess you know this by now: a Scorpio woman is fiercely independent and doesn’t like to be controlled or manipulated.

Trying to control her will only push her away.

She’s a picture of contrariness; the more you tell her to do something, the more she won’t!

Again, and I can’t stress this enough, patience is your superpower here.

If you want to get her talking to you again, let her do her own thing.

And don’t forget to do your own thing while you’re waiting, too. Scorpio women like being with people who can maintain their own sense of independence as well.

5) Be understanding

If it still isn’t clear by now, I’ll say it again: Scorpio women are very emotional and highly sensitive.

If she isn’t talking to you, a likely reason would be that she feels offended in some way.

It’s important to listen intently to her concerns and let her know you understand how she feels.

6) Let her know you want to help fix the issue

Another tip is to offer solutions to fix the problem. After all, Scorpios are known for their problem-solving skills, so this is a move she’ll appreciate.

Letting her know you’re willing to do what it takes to resolve her concerns is a way of speaking in a language she understands.

7) Show her your vulnerable side

Aside from open communication, don’t be afraid to show her your vulnerable side.

I know it’s not easy to bare your soul. I know this might sound terrifying to you. No one wants to embarrass themselves and look like a fool!

But guess what?

It’s actually the opposite. The more vulnerable you let yourself be, the more impressed a Scorpio woman is.

She sees that you’re confident enough to let her see the real you. And for someone belonging to this zodiac sign, confidence is always, always attractive.

She’ll appreciate the fact that you’re willing to open up and be honest with her. That earns you some points in the trust department.

8) Show her that you’re trustworthy, reliable, and dependable

When dealing with a Scorpio woman, you should know that people born in this zodiac sign are deeply emotional and intuitive.

Translation: they find it hard to trust people.

In fact, they are known for being suspicious and for their strong sense of self-preservation.

For a Scorpio woman, trust is earned, not given. That’s why she tends to be private and reserved, relying on her ability to read people’s intentions and emotions.

So, if you want to reconnect with her, you should make it a priority to show her you’re still trustworthy, even if you’ve hurt her somehow.

And remember, it’s a long game, so don’t expect instant results.

Show her you’re someone she can trust with small, consistent actions. Make her see you’re a reliable and dependable friend or partner she can count on.

That way, she’ll see that you’re worth opening up to and creating a strong connection with.

9) Keep your emotions in check

Here’s another thing to do that requires balance—keeping the conversation on an even keel.

Why, you might ask?

Well, as much as a Scorpio woman appreciates vulnerability, she’s also the type who never shows her emotions.

In fact, when you look at a Scorpio woman, you might think she’s all ice and poise. You’d never know she carries a whole world of emotions and raging passions deep inside her.

This reservation extends to the conversations she engages in.

Plus, she is highly sensitive and can quickly become reactive or resentful if you say something hurtful in the heat of the moment.

The right strategy is to maintain your composure and express your emotions appropriately, no matter how angry, desperate, or frustrated you feel.

With a careful approach like this, you stand a better chance of getting her to open up and share what she’s really feeling inside.

10) Show her your thoughtfulness

Like most other signs, a Scorpio woman values thoughtfulness and genuine gestures of kindness.

She appreciates when someone puts effort into understanding her and cares about her happiness and well-being.

Remember that trust and loyalty are among her top traits, so she really notices when someone behaves in ways that signify commitment.

So, even if she isn’t speaking to you right now, go ahead—buy her favorite flowers or plan a special surprise for her.

Small actions like these will definitely give you a head start on cracking that tough exterior!

Why does a Scorpio woman pull away?

Like in any relationship, you can’t really address an issue without knowing what it is.

If your Scorpio woman stops talking to you, you need to figure out why to avoid further misunderstanding and deepening the rift between you.

Here are a few possibilities for why a Scorpio woman may become distant:

1) She’s dealing with personal issues

You might think that your Scorpio woman has an issue with you, but it might have absolutely nothing to do with you at all.

She could be withdrawing simply because she’s dealing with personal issues she doesn’t want to share.

Remember, Scorpio women are known for being private and secretive, so be prepared if she doesn’t want to be upfront about her silence.

2) She’s feeling hurt or betrayed

One of the most dominant traits of a Scorpio woman is that she feels deeply and is highly sensitive.

She can be easily affected by her emotions. And boy, those emotions are bound to be really intense and dramatic, as is typical with her sign.

So if she feels that you’ve hurt or betrayed her, her self-preservation instincts will go into overdrive. She may become distant as a way to protect herself.

3) She’s testing you

Remember when I said Scorpio women are known for being suspicious?

That trait can play a role in her sudden distance. She could simply be testing your loyalty and commitment.

If she pulls away, she may be checking to see how you react and if you will chase after her.

That’s why ignoring her is not a smart strategy. It’s bound to send her the message that you can’t be trusted to stand by her side and fight for her.

4) She’s feeling overwhelmed

As you can tell by now, Scorpio women can be intense and passionate in their emotions. That’s part of their allure and why they tend to love deeply when they do fall in love.

However, this intensity can sometimes be too much, not just for the others around them but also for themselves.

When it all becomes too overwhelming, your Scorpio woman may become distant, indicating the need for time alone to process her emotions.

5) She’s feeling unappreciated

If it sounds like being with a Scorpio woman is high maintenance, you’re right—it is.

That’s because she’s demanding and values loyalty and trust.

But you know what?

The upside is that she’s 100% all in if she decides to be in a relationship with you.

You can count on her to be fiercely loyal and protective of you and to always support and cheer you on. She will never take you for granted, that’s for sure.

These characteristics also explain why she can easily tell when she’s being taken for granted or unappreciated.

6) She’s feeling insecure

Along with a Scorpio woman’s high level of sensitivity and trust issues comes a tendency to feel insecure.

On top of that, she’s jealous and possessive by nature.

She can get affected by the slightest sign that you’re not as invested in the relationship as she is.

And unfortunately, if you’ve broken her trust, it’s extremely challenging to earn it back.

What makes a Scorpio woman special?

At some point, you’ll probably ask, “Is she worth it?”

Well, the resounding answer is, YES, she absolutely is!

You couldn’t find a more loyal and devoted partner than a Scorpio woman.

Her passion makes her bold, courageous, and strong. She’s also persistent and puts in a lot of effort to achieve her goals.

And if you want an independent partner who can carry her own weight, you can’t go wrong with a Scorpio woman.

Lastly, let’s not forget that Scorpio enjoys the title of the sexiest zodiac sign.

Scorpio women are considered great lovers; something about them just naturally draws people in and turns them on.

How do you know when to give up?

While there’s much to be said about putting in the work to save a relationship, sadly, sometimes, it just doesn’t work out.

You’ll know it’s time to throw in the towel and move on when you see these signs:

  • She no longer responds to your messages
  • She’s mentally and physically clocked out
  • She makes plans with other people but not with you
  • She’d rather be alone

Final thoughts

Dating or being friends with a Scorpio woman isn’t for the fainthearted. She’s incredibly complex and requires a unique and balanced communication style.

It’s understandable if you feel unsure or afraid to approach her when she isn’t talking to you. After all, she belongs to one of the most attractive and mysterious zodiac signs.

But once you crack that tough shell, you’ll discover her loving and passionate side and a profound sense of loyalty.

And believe me, that’s definitely worth the wait!

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