What is the most artistic Zodiac sign? Epic guide

Art can take so many different forms!

Truth is, we all have the ability to put art out into the world.

But is there such a thing as the most artistic Zodiac sign? 

This epic guide explains which sign is arguably the most artistic, and rounds up those that are also recognized for being artsy!

The most artistic Zodiac sign

Now, there is one Zodiac sign that comes in at number one regularly for being the most artistic.

I’ll give you a hint: 

It’s a water sign and the last constellation of the Zodiac…

…It’s Pisces!

People born under this sign, spanning February 19 to March 20, are celebrated for being the most artistic and creative out of all s.

That’s a big claim!

So why is it that these folks are so artistic compared to others?

Well, it all comes down to their nature. 

First things first, these people are known for their ability to be intuitive, sensitive and connected to themselves.

Naturally, these traits go hand-in-hand with producing art and expressing yourself.

It’s often the case that Pisces feel as though they can’t help but create… And, if they couldn’t, they’d be completely lost and feel stuck.

In other words, they need to get their creations and thoughts out!

Pisces are known for being s and imaginative too, which translates as coming up with new ideas.

These could be ideas about how to live or creative visions, such as music or paintings. 

So many significant figures throughout history, which have contributed to arts, science, technology and more, are Pisces.

For example, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs and Michaelangelo and Rihanna all fall under this Zodiac.

It just shows that Pisces’ artistic and creative nature knows no boundaries. 

After all, what’s considered art is subjective and expansive…

…It isn’t just drawings that are artistic!

So, astrologically speaking, why is it that Pisces are so super creative?

Astrologer Lisa Stardust told Artnet

“Pisces is ruled by both Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter is the traditional planetary ruler, which is really expansive. Neptune, its modern ruler, is the god of the sea and associated with fantasy, which is why Pisces get lost in their dreams. They stare at the ocean and are hypnotized by their visions. Often their vision of the world rivals other people’s perceptions of it. Because they are so imaginative, they’re the ones who will see the clouds as purple, not white.” 

Which signs are also known for being artistic?

It’s not only water signs that are creative…

…The air, fire and Earth signs across the Zodiac also bring something artistic to the table.

As I say, art can be expressed in so many different ways.

Following Pisces, air sign Aquarius is championed for seeing things in a new light and producing art that others had never thought of.

Sometimes people tend to say that Aquarius’ have their heads in the clouds… But this shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing!

Being able to live partly in a fantasy world is a great trait of Aquarius’, who are super imaginative. 

If you’ve got a creative project you’re working on, you want to get an Aquarius on board…

…Chances are, they’ll share ideas that have never even crossed your mind.

You see, they’re such original creative thinkers!

In a blog post about Aquarius traits, originality is listed as one of their s. 

“Aquarians are famously innovative and aren’t afraid to think outside the box when it comes to creative projects, business solutions, and so on. In fact, they pride themselves on being able to identify revolutionary ideas and approaches for making things—including society—better.

“This originality extends to Aquarians’ creative minds as well: many are devoutly artistic and love expressing themselves through pursuits such as painting and writing.”

Famous Aquarius’ show that this is most definitely the case!

Writer Takashi Murakami and artists Jeff Kons and Jackson Pollock are some famous Aquarius’ out there. 

Simply put, Aquarius’ have an ability to put pen to paper and allow ideas to come through them with a lot of ease.

Now, as if Pisces and Aquarius weren’t enough, s is also known for being very artsy.

This sun sign is all about a sense of adventure and forging their own path, which manifests as coming up with creative ways of living and expressing themselves through art. 

For that reason, these are also people you want on your team if you’re working on a creative project. 

If you need any more convincing, So Syncd explains

“A Sagittarian’s mind is always open to exploring ideas, no matter how out there they may be. They are naturally curious and willing to take risks in order to push the envelope. Sagittarians often come up with the most unexpected and creative solutions to problems. Sagittarians are also incredibly independent and they don’t like to follow the crowd. They like to blaze their own trail and come up with unique solutions rather than sticking to the status quo. Whether it be in art, music, or business, Sagittarius individuals have an impressive ability to think outside the box and create something truly special.”

Why Zodiac signs should collaborate artistically 

Every single one of us, s, brings something to the table.

No matter what Zodiac sign you are, and how artistic you think you are, don’t be afraid to explore your artistic side.

This could be through something like painting or writing, or even working on coding or something in tech!

There are so many ways to be artistic and creative each and every day.

What’s more, as each s to the next – and has unique strengths and weaknesses – collaboration is key to inspiring one another.

It’s often the case that we can feel as though we want to achieve something on our own to prove that we can do it by ourselves…

…But there’s nothing better than collaborating with people who bring new ideas and perspectives to the table. 

In other words, there’s power in collaboration and joining forces with others.

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