What is the best Zodiac sign? Everything you need to know

Each of the 12 Zodiac signs have something unique they bring into the world. 

While some signs are super creative, others can be more adventurous or more intuitive.

So, which one is the best?

Well, spoiler: there isn’t such a thing as the ‘best’ Zodiac sign. They are all s!

However, there are signs that have more strengths in specific areas than others. 

Here’s a quick guide to everything you need to know – from the best Zodiac sign in the workplace to the best Zodiac sign to listen to you when you have a problem.

The best Zodiac signs for getting work done

The ruler of the sun, Leo, is goal-oriented and power hungry.

These folks are the kind to get things done and they don’t have time for messing around.

If you want someone to get the job done and to do it well, ask a Leo!

You can spot one a mile off because they strive for success in their chosen fields and they don’t let anything get in their way!

Even when things try to knock them off course, they have such an amazing ability to have a laser focus on their work.

Some people around them might call them ‘workaholics’ because of s. 

But, the truth is, they’re very happy working like this!

Simply put, s are most in their flow when they’re producing work and fulfilling their potential.

Now, they’re not the only signs that are considered to be ambitious.

Capricorns are known for being really hard workers. 

They have a reputation with the people they were amongst for being determined and practical.

You see, they have a great ability to be able to see what a job is going to require and to plan the steps that need to happen.

In other words, they can be considered very diligent, meticulous and solution-oriented.

They’re an asset to any work force!

What’s more, s brings a lot of passion to their professional life. 

Alongside Leo and Capricorns, Scorpios quickly rise to the top of the organizations they work for because they give so much to their jobs.

The focus and application they brings to their work is recognized by people they work with – and, as such, they are the kind that are rewarded with bonuses and senior titles. 

I used to work with a s, who came into the company I worked for and moved up the ladder in record time. There were people in the same team that had been there for over a year in the same position, while she was in a management position within months!

The best Zodiac sign for creativity 

Now, we are all creative whether we say we are or not.

But, the truth is, some Zodiac signs are more creative than others by their very nature.

For example, Pisces are most commonly known for being the most creative Zodiac sign.

You see, they are considered ‘true’ artists, who are simply born this way! It’s not something they have to force.

In other words, they are gifted with an ability to create art…

…One of the most famous Pisces artists includes Michelangelo. Need I say more?

As if that’s not enough, singer Kurt Cobain is a famous Pisces who put out such influential art through the medium of music.

That’s not to say that other Zodiac signs can’t be artists who create brilliant pieces that inspire millions, but it’s just that Pisces have a reputation for being the most creative.

For example, s are also known for channeling their s. 

Simply put, being creative allows Gemini’s to direct all of their curiosity about the world into something.  

Meanwhile, as for Pisces, apparently their natural ability to create art comes from their combination of being perceptive and able to tap into their feelings.

What’s more, these types are more introverted and they create their art during this time…

…As opposed to other signs that are more focused on being the life and soul of the party. That leads on to the next type of sign:

The best Zodiac sign to have at a party 


So, which signs are among the most sociable – and, naturally, the best Zodiac signs to have at a party?

Well, first things first: it depends what kind of party we’re talking about and the sort of people you like to surround yourself with.

But let’s just say you’re looking to invite a social butterfly and chatterbox, who will be comfortable with talking to lots of different people. 

Perhaps this party is bringing together lots of different people from across your life, so you want to know that this person you invite will be alright mingling – without you having to worry about them.

Enter Gemini.

These folks are most in the flow when they’re being their sociable selves.

They love meeting new people, and listening to others while sharing their ideas!

My dad is a Gemini, and I’ve never known someone to have so many friends. He simply lives and dies for meeting new people, and being sociable.

He’s definitely the sort of person you would expect to see dancing on the table at a party, and entertaining a group of people that he’s never met before.

s because he’s such a big character; they want to get to know him.

What’s more, Gemini’s always have a lasting impact on the people they meet… And people never forget them!

Often it is that case that Gemini’s find themselves jostling for the role of being the most chatty with Sagittarius’, who are also known for loving a party.

These people have so much energy, which they love burning at parties.

In other words, you’re likely to see a Sagittarius moving from one group of people to the next, and dancing like a maniac at a party. They can be pretty wild, in a good way!

The best Zodiac sign for going on an adventure with

Now, if you’re looking for a travel buddy who’s going to encourage a level of spontaneity, look to s again!

These folks love to experience new things and to push themselves out of their comfort zones regularly, so they’re the kind of travel companion who suggests others to try new foods or to explore lesser-known places.

What’s more, their sense of adventure is unwavering and undoubtedly has a way of rubbing off on others!

Aries also are constantly s…

…And they love to find a sense of adventure when they are traveling.

If you’re with an Aries person, you can expect them to throw out all sorts of different travel ideas such as hiking or trying extreme sports!

They love to seize new opportunities. 

I’ve traveled with an Aries person before, and I can tell you: it can be full on!

One day we were on a zip wire and the next we were taking a jet ski, while we were trying all sorts of foods in the restaurants we were going to.

The best Zodiac sign to lend an ear

When it comes to needing to talk to someone, you can always look to a Libra. 

You can count on people with this sign to be there in your times of need, and to listen to you without judgment.

These people can be incredibly diplomatic, which means it’s unlikely that they don’t weigh in with telling you what you should do with your life!

What’s more, Libras are really great at holding space for people, so they make great counselors and therapists. 

They don’t rush people, and they’re happy to be on the receiving end of long rants and stories…

…As they know the other person is benefiting from getting all of their thoughts out. 

Alongside listening, you can trust a Libra to be s.

In other words, they’re not just nice to our face but they would never say anything horrible to you behind your back.

Simply put, you’re very lucky if you have a Libra in your life as they have people’s backs.

Elsewhere, as an intuitive sign, Pisces are able to empathize with others and to understand when someone needs their support. 

Just like Libra, they’re not the sort of person to interrupt another person when they’re speaking and they don’t press a time limit upon someone.

As if that’s not enough, because of their intuitive ability, they have a knack for asking people the right questions and helping them unpack their thoughts in a constructive way!

The best sign for helping you solve a problem

But what about problem solving?

You’ll find that Aquarians and Virgos are the frontrunners here!

These two signs seem to have all of the answers and solutions for problems.

Aquarius’ have an amazing ability to zoom out from situations and to see the bigger picture. 

In other words, they have s.

They’re able to see how things might look in a week, month or a year and to plan accordingly. 

For example, they might be able to see that they need to do certain things in the present moment in order to get to where they want to go.

Their ability means they’re able to see all of the things that need to be done!

It’s much the same for Virgos, who are literally called master problem solvers.

They have such a great amount of patience that means they’re able to unpick all of the little intricacies about something…

…And to solve the problem!

Both of these signs are s!

The best Zodiac for standing up for what’s right


When it comes to standing up to injustice and doing what’s morally right, you can bet that you’re going to find a Cancerian leading the charge. 

These people are never afraid to do what’s right, even at the cost of putting their reputations on the line as being someone who’s outspoken or difficult.

They’re likely to be among those standing up and campaigning, and in positions such as human and legal rights.

For example, my mum is a Cancerian, and she couldn’t be more passionate about standing up for what she believes in.

She hates corruption on any level, and she finds the behaviors of the elite powers and narcissistic types completely repulsive.

She hates that the legal system is full of injustice and ultimately just about how deep someone’s pockets are!

Of course, we can all have these feelings (and a lot of us do!), but Cancerians make their feelings very known.

s is one of the most important things to them.

If you’re in a legal battle and you have a Cancerian on your team, you’re in very good hands!

Alongside these folks, Aries also pride themselves on being able to stand up for themselves. 

An Aries person isn’t someone you’ll see cowering away and not speaking up for themselves. Instead, they’ll say how they feel loud and proud…

…Just like s, they’re not fussed about the price they have to pay for speaking their truth!

The best Zodiac sign for helping you feel grounded

If you’re ever feeling a little bit wobbly and like you’re too in your head, it’s a cue that you need to ground yourself a bit more. 

You see, if you’re an air sign then you might have a natural tendency to be more in your head than your body, which can manifest as feeling anxious at times.

Enter earth signs, who have a natural ability to make everyone around them feel grounded.

These signs include s, Virgo and Capricorn.

All three of these signs are great for helping the people around them to keep it real. 

They are not interested in people who ‘talk the talk’ and don’t follow through on the things they say they are going to do. 

Instead, Earth signs are interested in people who follow through on the things they talk about. 

These folks all generally have a strong bulls**t radar, where they can tell if another person is just talking fluff and not sincere…

…Because they are the person that they appear to be. Simply, these signs do not masquerade as someone else!

Earth signs are great to have around to help you suss out other people! 

For example, if you’re not sure about whether someone you’ve started dating is who they say they are, bring along a friend who’s an Earth sign to offer you a second opinion!

The best Zodiac sign to help you innovate 

If you’re looking for a fresh perspective on something, don’t be afraid to collaborate with someone else!

Now, there is such a thing as collaborating with the wrong person… So be sure to be tactful about who you do choose to collaborate with.

If you’re looking for someone to help you with innovative ideas that are bound to be successful, call on an Aquarius.

They have an amazing ability to identify the ways in which something can be developed and innovative!

What this looks like is, of course, unique to their fields that they specialize in. But it could be anything from building bridges and apps, to seeing how to solve an environmental problem with a form of technology. 

s, they’re considered to be revolutionaries!

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