What is the best sign for a Scorpio? Epic guide

Compassionate Scorpio deserves to be with someone who gets them.

But what are their needs in a relationship and which sign is best for them?

There are a few Zodiacs that are made for Scorpio…

…And others they should try to avoid!

Here’s your epic guide to understanding more about Scorpio in love.

What is Scorpio like in a relationship?

This water sign brings a lot to the table in a relationship… They have many positive traits that make them s.

First things first, Scorpio people are known for their levels of loyalty and devotion.

Not only that, they’re kind, compassionate and care about people being real.

Now, if you’re in a monogamous relationship and you’re committed to each other, this is obviously a great thing to know!

Because they’re so loyal, they’re not the kind of people to flirt with others at a bar.

Instead, their attention will be with the person they’re in a relationship with at all times… They won’t be trying to give others the eye when you’re not looking.

Scorpio are either not in – or all in.

It’s said that Scorpio loves harder than s… And they require a lot of love and commitment back from their partner.

Knowing they have loyalty is incredibly important to Scorpios.

As if that’s not enough, these folks bring a lot of heat and passion to a relationship too.

In fact, you might mistake some Scorpio people for being fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) because they can be so fiery.

You see, Scorpio is intense… But this isn’t always a bad thing.

It signals that they have deep feelings and they care about the things they give their time to.

What’s more, Scorpio people are pretty sure of themselves and their belief systems… So they s.

This is a positive in a relationship!

It often manifests as not being insecure and being sure of themselves.

However, each person is obviously unique and their own life experiences will ultimately shape how they see the world and the ‘baggage’ they bring to a relationship.

Do Scorpios fall in love quickly?

Let’s not beat around the bush:

Scorpios fall… fast.

You see, when a Scorpio is interested in someone they are totally all in.

There’s no messing around with Scorpio.

Once their eyes are on the prize, that’s it!

Some might say they can even be a little bit obsessive… Even if their love interest isn’t actually aware at the beginning.

An Astrologer tells Vogue:

“Scorpios also immediately know if they want to get to know someone further, so they don’t mess around in their dating life. They value loyalty and commitment, and they stick to their word.

“Scorpios fall fast when they’re interested in someone, even if they may not let on just how obsessed they are. The person they’re dating is likely always at the top of their Instagram searches, and Scorpio may go out of their way to conveniently show up at events where their love interest may be. Though they’re intense from the start, once they’ve fallen in love and the relationship is more solidified, Scorpio will make more of an effort to open up instead of keeping all of their feelings hidden inside.”

In other words, the dating game is fast-tracked for Scorpios and they don’t spend weeks and months ‘shopping around’ to find someone else.

If they’re into you, they’re into you.

So what sign is the best for Scorpio?


As is the case with any Zodiac pairing, it really comes down to the people.

However, there are signs that are more compatible, so let’s dive into who they are.

First up is Leo.

Ruler of the Zodiac, Leo needs attention, praise, adoration, you name it…

These folks, born between 23 July and 22 August, love nothing more than having a lot of recognition and, well, eyes on them.

Naturally, you can see why Scorprio and Leo make a good match:

Scorpio couldn’t be happier giving all of their attention to their partner, which is what Leo craves!

They want to be the center of attention… And they couldn’t be happier than when they truly are.

s are also very dedicated to those they are in a relationship with.

In other words, Leo is just as loyal as Scorpio.

Vogue adds:

“They are both fiercely loyal to whomever they’re dating, and once they’ve decided they like someone they are all in. Leos need a lot of praise and attention in a relationship, and Scorpios will only have eyes for them. They may both bring their fair share of drama as well, but it is the ups and downs that help them to become a stronger couple.”

Now, although drama is part and parcel with these two signs because of their fiery nature, it’s not always a bad thing!

Fire can mean that two people have a lot of chemistry and energy between them… Meaning a passionate relationship!

Pisces is another sign that is considered a good match for Scorpio.

A fellow water sign, Pisces people are considered to be very sensitive and in touch with themselves.

This manifests as the two of them being able to sense what the other one needs, and communicating almost telepathically at times.

You see, these two signs are both able to sense what the other one needs.

You could say they just ‘know’…

What’s more, they can help balance each other and support one another through difficult times with ease.

Vogue explains:

“These two signs are both very intuitive and emotionally sensitive. They may immediately sense what the other is feeling, without having to say anything. Pisces is also very giving and compassionate, and may help Scorpios to express their softer side. When Scorpio is in a bad mood or doesn’t want to say what’s bothering them, Pisces will be there to just listen and empathise with them.”

Which signs should Scorpio avoid?

So it’s all well and good knowing which s.

But which should Scorpio avoid?

s is said to be a no-go for Scorpio, because these might clash a lot.

Of course, as I say, it really depends on the people…

…However, it’s likely these two signs would clash more than other signs as Scorpio is typically very introverted while Gemini is, well, not…

Gemini loves to be out and about and socializing like there’s no tomorrow, and they’re usually very flirtatious.

On the other hand, Scorpio would rather be at home and enjoying their partner all to themselves.

It’s a classic case of introvert versus extrovert.

For this reason, Scorpio should also avoid Libra.

This sign is also known for being rather flirty and not settling down with one person very easily.

Vogue explains:

“Scorpio may get easily jealous of Libra talking to other people, and they won’t like not knowing where they stand. If they can get past the initial part of dating, the relationship may then be a lot easier.”

Now, I’ve said it a few times and I’ll say it again: it very much depends on the people.

But there are certain traits you need to be aware of when it comes to compatibility.

Ultimately, you need to be honest with yourself and decide what is non-negotiable and what you want from a partner.

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