The Scales of Justice: Revealing Libra’s Godly Representation

Let’s talk about Libra, the seventh Zodiac sign with interesting links to both Greek and Roman mythologies. 

So, in the Greek corner, we have Themis, the Goddess of Law and Order who carries the scales for balance and fairness – sounds a lot like Libras, right? 

But wait, in Roman mythology, their traits are also reflected in Astraea, the Goddess of Justice and Innocence who is also often portrayed with a pair of scales. 

In this article, we will unravel how the traits and characteristics associated with these goddesses are reflected in those born under the star sign Libra.

Interested? Let’s dive in. 

Libra’s divine parallels

Themis, the Greek Goddess of divine law and justice, embodies the essential traits of Libra.

Known for her wisdom, she was revered as the oracle at Delphi and held the scales of justice to ensure fair judgment. Her association with Libra stems from these qualities of fairness, wisdom, and balance.

In Roman mythology, Libra is connected to Astraea, the Goddess of Justice and Innocence.

During the Golden Age, Astraea lived among humans, but left as mankind became more wicked. Her departure marked the start of the Iron Age, a time of hardship and suffering.

The constellation Virgo is often identified as Astraea holding the scales of justice, which are represented by the adjacent constellation Libra.

The connection between these goddesses and the star sign Libra lies not only in their iconography but also in their shared attributes: wisdom, fairness, balance, and a deep-rooted sense of justice.

In the next section, we will delve into how these traits manifest in those born under the sign of Libra.

Libra traits and characteristics

Those born under the sign of Libra, just like the goddesses Themis and Astraea, are often noted for their innate sense of fairness and strong desire for justice.

They exhibit a natural inclination towards balance and harmony, striving to create equilibrium in their surroundings.

Libras are also known for their wisdom and intellect. They have a keen understanding of human nature, much like Themis who was revered as an oracle. This allows them to make sound judgments and decisions, often proving them to be reliable advisors.

Diplomacy is another key characteristic of Librans. They have a unique ability to see all sides of an argument, mirroring Astraea’s strive for justice and purity in a complicated world. It makes them effective peacemakers, often mediating conflicts and disputes.

In the next section, we will pivot our focus to how these divine representations influence Libra’s compatibility with other zodiac signs.

Libra’s compatibility with other signs

Being a sign symbolized by the scales of justice, Libra naturally seeks harmony and balance in relationships, which means they tend to be most compatible with signs that can provide them with intellectual stimulation and a sense of fair play.

Gemini and Aquarius, both air signs like Libra, are often considered the best matches. Their shared love for intellectual pursuits and social engagement make for a dynamic partnership.

Additionally, Leo, with their outgoing nature and love for drama, can also provide the excitement that Libra seeks.

In the next and final section, we will explore the significance of Libra’s symbol – the scales – in greater depth.

We’ll delve into how this symbol resonates with the traits and characteristics we’ve discussed so far, and what it ultimately means for those born under this sign.

Significance of the scales

The scales, the symbol for Libra, is a fitting representation for this zodiac sign. Much like the goddesses Themis and Astraea, who are often depicted with scales, Librans seek balance and fairness in all aspects of life.

The scales symbolize a constant quest for equilibrium, reflecting Libra’s diplomatic nature and desire for peace. Just as the scales do not favor one side over the other, Librans strive to view situations objectively, making them effective mediators in conflicts.

Moreover, the scales also signify justice, echoing the divine law upheld by Themis and the purity sought by Astraea. This resonates with Libra’s strong moral compass and innate sense of right and wrong.

In conclusion, the godly representation of Libra through Themis and Astraea provides a deep understanding of this zodiac sign’s fundamental traits.

These divine associations, combined with the symbolism of the scales, shed light on the nature and characteristics of those born under Libra.

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