15 surprising signs a Libra man is hiding his feelings (complete list)

When it comes to romance and relationships, Libras are often the most laid-back and easygoing of all the zodiac signs.

These peace-loving individuals are willing to compromise in almost any situation and aren’t afraid to take things slowly when necessary.

So naturally, many people assume that Libras have no problems with love or relationships… but that couldn’t be further from the truth!

Intense and passionate individuals need not apply for a date with a Libra; these reserved individuals often keep their feelings hidden at first. In fact, if s a Libra man, you may find he never seems to let his guard down.

This leaves many women wondering what lies beneath his cool exterior…

1) He’s very indecisive

Libra men are very indecisive.

They always try to be objective and rational, but they tend to be emotional and sensitive.

Libra men often have a hard time speaking s, and they often bottle up their emotions.

When they do express themselves, they tend to be very passionate and open-minded.

Libra men don’t like to talk about their feelings, but they can be sensitive and expressive when they want to be.

Libra men are often confused about their feelings for other people, especially other attractive people.

They can feel attraction for someone, but then feel like it’s wrong or inappropriate because of all the social pressure surrounding relationships.

When a Libra man is hiding his feelings, he doesn’t know how to express them without hurting himself or others.

He may also have trouble being honest with himself about his feelings because he feels like he’s not good enough for someone else.

Because of this, he may go through a lot of pain before finally opening up and finding someone he can be himself with.

2) He’s always trying to please everyone

When it comes to Libra men, it’s important to know how they feel and be sensitive to their needs.

When a Libra man is hiding his feelings, he’s always trying to please everyone.

He may seem like he’s happy all the time, but underneath, he could be feeling insecure.

He’s likely to be easily hurt by criticism and criticism can trigger his sensitive side.

If you try to tell him how you feel, he might get defensive or shut down.

Instead, ask him if there’s anything you can do to make him feel more comfortable.

If he says yes, do it right away!

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3) He changes his mind a lot

A Libra man is known for his changeable nature, and he’s not afraid to let his emotions be known.

He might seem open, but he’s actually hiding deep inside.

Emotions are a big deal for him, and he might struggle to express them.

This can make him seem indecisive or unreliable at times.

For this reason, it’s important to be patient and understanding with him.

A Libra man will show you when he’s interested, but he might not do so in the way you expect.

Be open to his subtleties and nuances, and you’ll have a better chance of getting through to him.

4) He’s flirty with everyone, not just you

Let’s face it.

When a Libra man is hiding his feelings, he’s pretty darn obvious about it.

He’s flirty with everyone, not just you.

And you might even think that it’s all in fun, but if you pay attention to the way he’s acting, there might be a different story at play.

The first clue that this might be more than just playfulness could be when he starts to avoid s.

He’ll look everywhere else in the room but at you, and this can leave you feeling uncomfortable.

If he keeps doing this, it might mean that he’s hiding something.

5) He’s always talking about himself

If a Libra man is trying to hide how he really feels, he’s always talking about himself.

The conversation is about him, almost to the exclusion of everything else.

When talking about you, his words are usually more concerned with what he wants than what you need.

On the surface, he may seem relaxed and carefree; but underneath, he’s feeling nervous and uncertain.

He’s trying hard to appear confident and self-assured but is secretly feeling insecure and unsure of himself.

He’s constantly worrying that you might be upset or disappointed by his actions or comments, so he tries not to make any mistakes or say anything wrong.

6) He has a hard time being serious

He has a hard time being serious.

When a Libra man is hiding his feelings, he can come off as being cold and distant.

He may also give you the impression that he’s too busy to get involved.

In reality, he might be just trying to avoid making a commitment.

In addition, because Libra men are so flexible and adaptable, they may seem indecisive or unpredictable.

Because their thoughts are constantly bouncing around, it’s easy for them to lose track of where they stand.

If you want to know whether your Libra man is hiding his feelings, look for signs of stress in his behavior.

7) He’s always trying to be the life of the party

A Libra man’s main objective in life is to be liked and accepted by others.

He will do anything to avoid looking or feeling out of place.

As a result, he can come across as a bit superficial at times.

But don’t let this fool you — he’s just trying to make sure that everything he does is seen as positive and worthwhile.

If he senses that people are starting to feel left out, he’ll do whatever he can to include them.

A Libra man may also struggle with keeping his emotions under control.

He might get angry or upset over something small, and then have trouble calming down and regaining control of himself.

To keep this from happening, he needs to learn how to manage his feelings more effectively.

8) He’s always joking around

When a Libra man is hiding his s, he’s always joking around.

While he may appear to be making light of the situation, this approach is actually a way for him to avoid problems and control issues.

If he doesn’t want to admit that he’s upset about something, it’s a lot easier to pretend like everything is fine than it is to actually talk about it.

If a Libra man isn’t comfortable talking about how he feels, then you might have some trouble figuring out how he’s really feeling.

Libra men are good at compartmentalizing their feelings.

They can put them aside when they need to and get on with other things until they’re ready to deal with them again.

That way, they don’t have to deal with all the emotional baggage that comes along with feelings and emotions.

9) He’s a total charmer

A Libra man is a charming, charming man. It’s not just the way that he speaks, with his soft voice and gentle smile.

He’s also very good at making people feel comfortable.

He’s the kind of guy who can make anyone feel like they’re the most important person in the world.

And he’s so good at making people feel comfortable that it feels like he’s doing it on purpose.

He wants people to like him so much that he’ll do or say anything to make them happy.

This can lead to some problems, especially if he gets too close to someone without being clear about how he feels about them.

If a Libra man doesn’t know how he feels about someone, it can be hard for him to be totally honest.

10) He’s super smooth, but you can’t quite tell if he’s sincere

When a Libra man is hiding his feelings, he’s super smooth, but you can’t quite tell if he’s sincere.

He’s not one to just open up easily, and is likely to play things close to the chest.

He may also be hesitant to share experiences or insights that he has gained or learned.

This can make him seem guarded, distant, or aloof at times.

If he is feeling overwhelmed by too much on his plate, he might not always be able to meet your eye in the hallway and might make an excuse to leave rather than saying more than “I’m fine” when you ask him how he’s doing.

11) You can never tell what he’s really thinking

When a Libra man is hiding his feelings, you can never tell what he’s really thinking.

He may seem calm and collected, but inside he could be boiling with frustration or anger.

He may also be faking his coolness or trying to mask his fear.

If you want to know for sure if your Libra man is hiding his true emotions, take a look at how he reacts emotionally when something upsetting happens in his life.

If he responds with anger or sadness, that’s a strong sign that he’s holding back some of the emotion he feels.

If he shows little emotion at all, that’s another sign that there’s something bothering him.

12) He’s always playing it safe

Libra men are very good at hiding how they feel, which can make it difficult for them to express those feelings.

When he is around other people, he will often appear unfazed and indifferent. He may even appear cold or distant.

In reality, however, he may be feeling a lot of things.

He just doesn’t want to say anything for fear that others might misinterpret his intentions and think that he is being rude or uncaring.

This can make it difficult for s to know what they want and how to get it.

They may have trouble expressing themselves and may struggle with controlling s.

Because they are so sensitive and emotionally expressive, Libra men can find it hard to hide their feelings from the people they s.

They need to learn how to control their emotions so that they don’t come across as cold and distant.

13) He’s a bit of a social butterfly

When a Libra man hides his feelings, you can tell they are not normal.

He might be quiet and reserved in public, but he is usually a social butterfly at home.

He will make small talk with anyone who enters the room, and he will often be the one to initiate conversations.

In order to hide his feelings, he may say things that are completely untrue.

For example, he might say that his car broke down when it did not.

He might also say things that are overly positive or say nothing at all.

14) He has a ton of friends, but you’re not sure if any of them are really close to him

If a Libra man is hiding his feelings, he might be hiding them from friends and family who are closest to him.

He’s very close with his immediate family, but he has few close friends outside of his immediate circle.

He doesn’t tend to open up about his feelings, so it can be difficult for those around him to know what he’s going through.

The key for s is to learn how to express himself more openly and honestly.

If s with a Libra man, you’ll have to be patient and understanding if he’s not ready to open up yet.

Don’t push him; just show that you care and are supportive, and he’ll feel more comfortable opening up eventually.

15) He’s always up for anything, but you’re never quite sure where his head is at

A Libra man‘s feelings are often kept under wraps.

Although he’s always up for anything, you’re never quite sure where his head is at.

So when he suddenly reveals an intense desire to do something, it can be hard to read his intentions.

He may just be having a fun day or trying out some new approach to solving a problem.

Or maybe he’s trying to tell you that he’s ready to move in together, but he doesn’t know how to bring it up.

Either way, you’ll need to be careful not to jump to conclusions before he has the chance to explain himself.


Although Libras are often stereotyped as being emotionally cold, it’s important to remember that this is a misconception.

These charming individuals have plenty of love to give, but they rarely do it publicly.

They prefer to save their feelings for one another and show their love through actions rather than words.

This can make it difficult for others to understand them, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

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