10 ways to express your feelings to a Capricorn man (and spark love!)

Capricorn men are cautious and reserved when it comes to love. They are not the type to jump into a new relationship.

On the other hand, they are also not very easy to win over as they tend to be aloof and detached from anyone who is interested in them romantically.

But if you know how to crack their walls, Capricorn men can be tender lovers who remain loyal for the rest of their lives. Here are 10 ways how you could express your feelings and spark love with a Capricorn man.

1) Show your love with small gestures

s can get a bit arrogant and proud, especially as they grow older.

Many Capricorn men claim that their love life is the only area where they have all the answers.

But this could be a coping mechanism to cover up problems and insecurities that they are not comfortable sharing with others.

One way you could make him feel more connected to you is by showing your appreciation for every little thing he does for you.  This can be as simple as telling him “I love it when you do this” or “You’re so thoughtful.”

He will find it very endearing when he feels appreciated, especially if he is used to being told how great he is in more ways than one.  He will also start believing that he can do more and appreciate what he has instead of taking for granted his loving wife and children.

2) Don’t try too hard to impress him

Fun fact:

Capricorn men are very discerning when it comes to their mates.

This can put them off from s with women who are overly materialistic. They have an obsession with the finer things in life, and they expect their significant other to be the same too. But if you’re trying too hard to show how rich and financially savvy you are, he will start thinking that he can find better women elsewhere!

Don’t try too hard to impress him and he will appreciate your efforts. Cut out all the expensive jewelry and show a simple, down-to-earth side of you by wearing plain clothes and owning a few accessories that speak simplicity to your Capricorn man.

Instead of spending money on new clothes every season, wear old ones that suit your figure better and show how much he means to you by fixing up those old rags instead.

Also, don’t try to be thousands of miles more attractive than you are. Give him the confidence that he is good enough for you on a daily basis and he will be very happy to know the same thing about himself.

3) Show him that you are trustworthy

Another way to express your feelings to a Capricorn man is to show him that you are trustworthy and reliable. Capricorn men are very secure and self-assured of themselves, but they also struggle to show this characteristic to the outside world.

If you make him feel like he can depend on you, he will start trusting you more!

Be trustworthy by being reliable with your commitments. Always stick to what you have agreed upon or promised, no matter what happens.

If something “goes wrong”, these are not good times to seek attention or seek vengeance (Capricorn men hate playing victims).

Instead, go on with your life and try not to let it affect your relationship with him too much if at all.

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4) Don’t be too available

Based on his zodiac signs, Capricorn men like to keep their feelings for their lovers a secret. So if you are overly available, he will feel like your infatuation is just an emotion that he has given up on.

If you receive too many messages from him, it will create a s feeling toward his real feelings for you and this might result in putting a stop to your relationship.

Here are some ways to avoid this:

  • If you are always available for him, he will think that you are not worth his time. This can lead him to stop talking to you and put a stop to your relationship altogether.
  • Be too mindful of the messages that come from the Capricorn man, and wait before replying so as not to seem clingy.
  • Don’t send texts continuously or answer him after every call. This will make the man think that you are too eager and he might respond in kind.
  • Don’t send him letters or gifts all over the place because it would show that you’re clingy and desperate for attention. Just as I said earlier, if he stops talking to you, then maybe he doesn’t care about you anymore. So better go back on track by avoiding being clingy!

5) Express your feelings honestly

As I’ve mentioned above, Capricorn men are very secretive and this can cause them to feel like you’re trying to get something from them. So these men will appreciate honesty more than anything, especially if you’re expressing your feelings.

Want to know the best part?

When you express yourself honestly, it will make him feel like you’re not trying to get something from him at all. He will be more open and talk to you without feeling like he’s being misled.

Let me show you how to do it in a few easy steps.

Step 1: If you want him to open up to you, start off by mentioning something about your life or recent events. On the other hand, if you plan on talking about your feelings, try making it non-committal. Here are a few examples:

  • Something regarding s (subject matter related to the topic)
  • How great is our relationship! I’m so glad we met (things that imply that he’s not that great)

Step 2: Catch him in a vulnerable moment.

  • s in the hobby of his friends
  • Asking about his aspirations
  • Old conversation you’ve had that you can bring up again. (This will show that you still care for him and are showing an interest despite the fact that he may have hurt you)

Step 3: Respond in a positive manner.

  • Show an encouraging and open demeanor and express that you’re willing to listen to what he has to say
  • Never put him down if you want him to open up more to you. Just calmly tell him that he’s right and be honest with yourself.
  • Don’t just blindly agree with everything he says, but make sure that you’re expressing your own opinion as well and reinforce it by raising your hands every now and then.

By doing this, the Capricorn man will be more likely to open up because they feel like they are being valued. He will find himself keeping his cards close in order not to hurt you.

And since the man is already sharing private things with you, this means that one step further in revealing his secrets would be nothing for him as he values your opinions too much for that!

6) Surprise him with your thoughtfulness

Trust me, the sky is the limit when you’re talking to a Capricorn man. They have an air of mystery and intelligence that only comes from the way they carry themselves. They can come across as kind of arrogant at times and are often misunderstood.

But believe me, once you get to understand their true nature and create a bond with them, you will be very pleasantly surprised with their behaviors.

They want to know that they are being respected

As much as men find meaning in being respected by others, they find it even more important in having respect for others too. What better way to gain respect than being thoughtful towards them?

Being thoughtful is like showing the Capricorn man how much you care about him by listening to him and responding in the right manner when talking to him. He will take this in a positive light even if he doesn’t say anything else at first because he knows that you want him to feel valued. So if he ever does open up about his inner self, your actions will confirm it!

For example, you can always surprise him by reminding him of something he said that relates to his interests in the past and show how you were thinking about the same thing when you were asked.

Or, you can surprise him by being sweet and thoughtful when he’s about to say something negative about himself such as “I’m not the most handsome guy in the class” or “I’m not good at remembering things”.

You don’t want to appear eager or desperate, but you still want to get your point across. You can also use these opportunities to be observant of his character and subtly hint that it’s time for him to change.

7) Let him have control in the early stages of your relationship

According to Astrology, Capricorn is all about staying in control. They are the type of people who value stability, planning ahead, and being realistic in their decisions.

If you want to get his attention and want to ensure that he’ll stick around in a relationship with you, then stay positive at all times! This is what Capricorn men are attracted to in a woman. They have a hard time saying “no” to someone who can always be counted on to be there for them in good times and bad.

So, if you want to continue the conversation with him, then be the one who can never say “no” in case he wants you to make decisions for him like where he should go or what he should do next.

But sometimes, he will feel like you’re overcompensating and trying to show him that you care too much. What’s the best way to turn this around?

You have to understand that he also has a competitive side. He wants to feel like he’s being challenged. He also wants to be cherished by you, and he’d love it even more if you can show him that you have a competitive edge as well.

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8) Be flexible in your interest levels

When it comes to Capricorn, they know what they want to do and how they want to do it. If you’re not a good fit for them in the way that you can help them achieve their goals, then they’ll have no problem s.

If your interests are different from theirs, then there is a chance that he will get bored of you. He doesn’t like when people change themselves for him and he wants a woman who is totally devoted to him.

So the best way to express your feelings to a Capricorn man is by teasing him with your interest level. Be the one who says “No, I’m not ready for that yet.” and then gives him a hint on what he can do to make you feel like getting there.

That way, he would be able to derive his pleasure from seeing how far you’ve come over time.

9) Show that you are interested in knowing more about who they are

How often do you really get to know your man’s s?

Capricorn men usually carry a lot of secrets and they are usually not very forthcoming about the things that they love or hate.

One thing that most people seem to overlook, is the fact that it is important for them to know what their partner likes and dislikes about them.

When you get to know their interests, you can then show him how much you’ve changed in some way because of him.

You can also find out more information on how he feels about certain topics by asking your Capricorn man questions. This would be a great way for you to connect with him in a deeper level.

Exploring their other interests will give him an opportunity to open up and share what makes him tick.

10) Communicate clearly but subtly

The last tip to express your feeling to a Capricorn man is to always talk to him in a way that would be expected of you.

They’re not used to the direct approach and they don’t like when people come straight at them. They want you to tell them what’s on your mind, but they also want to know why you’re saying something.

So let him know that it’s not a good idea for you to go right at him with your questions and concerns about him.

Instead, try talking a little more softly and slowly, as if this will make your bursts of words less sharp. This is because Capricorn men are very sensitive. They don’t like being hurt so if you aren’t careful then there will be issues between the two of you later in the relationship.

And by subtly communicating with him, you’re giving him a sense of security knowing that he can tell you anything from day to day.

Final thoughts

Expressing your feelings to a Capricorn man can be challenging, but as long as you follow these tips, you’re guaranteed to deepen your connection with him.

With all the love and care that he needs, he’ll feel secure and happy with you. And when that happens, there’s no stopping how deeply he will fall in love with you.

But there’s one more thing to keep in mind, if you want to develop a relationship with a Capricorn man, then you have to be ready for the long run.

Everyone has their ups and downs in a relationship, but a Capricorn man, he might get frustrated easily because of the little things that happen between the two of you.

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