What are the key Pisces personality traits?

Just imagine the most laid back person you know. That is what a Pisces looks like.

And it comes with the territory, especially when you are the sign ushering the season from winter to early spring.

Their personalities reflect the mellow, dewy mornings. The warm caress of the sun with the cool breeze.

Getting to know a Pisces is such a nice treat!

So without further ado, let’s look into the 10 key personality traits of this astrological sign.

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1) They go with the flow

Being the sign between winter and spring, you can imagine a Pisces being a little bit lethargic and sleepy.

This image is further solidified by their animal representatives– the fish.

There is actually a pretty sweet reason why the fish represent this sign.

It comes from the story of how Aphrodite and Eros transformed themselves into fish in order to escape the wrath of Typhon. And they connected themselves in order to not be separated.

From this image alone, it’s easier to understand why Pisceans have a go-with-the-flow attitude.

This personality trait is how they survive the storms of life.

Instead of swimming against the current like the more aggressive signs, they instead let the waves take them.

And for good reason! In this case, the waves take them away from the center of all the drama.

You know what they say: Work smart, not hard!

2) They are creative and artistic

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of creative endeavors, dreams, and psychic powers.

This is why Pisceans are really good at reading the spiritual energy around them.

It also causes them to turn these spiritual energies into art. It fuels their creative juices.

When you get to know a Pisces, you will notice how good they are at expressing themselves through images, colors, and words.

They can literally paint you an intricate picture just by glancing at something for a fraction of a second.

You know those people: Those who always feel like a ball of sunlight.

They see a falling leaf and can create the most beautiful poem. They take a candid photo of you and capture all the emotions you felt in that moment… and they actually make you look amazing!

Pisces finds so much love and beauty from the world around them—from the best to times to the worst.

So it is really hard not to be drawn into them. You just won’t be able to help yourself from asking, “How does the world look from their eyes?”

3) They are enigmatic

Water signs have their own different brands of mystery.

Scorpios represent the mystery of deep waters. Cancers are more tuned to the mystery of being able to exist underwater and in shallow shores.

Meanwhile, Pisces embody the mystery of waves and currents.

And just like this aspect of the sea, Pisceans have a glistening and alluring charm. Their mere presence can tug at the heartstrings of anyone around them.

But all the same, this charm can be a little unpredictable.

If you’re not careful, you may just approach them like a sailor to a siren song, then get thrown off by the harsh waves of their deep intellect.

But they are so enigmatic, that you just will not be able to resist. So you keep coming back for more.

Plus, they will know how to make you feel special. With their creative flair, they can use their words to make you reflect on yourself as you slowly inch closer to their depths.

That is a Piscean’s superpower.

4) They are natural healers

A Pisces can soak up your emotions. They do this without even breaking a sweat.

This is why they can be natural healers. They know how to hear people’s pain and suffering. And just by listening, they can already soothe people’s emotional wounds.

This also goes for physical illnesses.

You know how there are nurses or doctors who just make you feel excited to get better… and how they give off an energy that urges you to tell them everything bad you are feeling?

This is the everyday energy of a Pisces.

And they are more than happy to do this. Taking the load off of someone they value is something a Pisces does as an act of affection.

To them, the pains of the world can be easily solved by sharing the burden.

And that level of ease is what makes life worth living. So that’s what they want to do for others, too.

5) They can be hard to motivate

A Piscean’s go-with-the-flow attitude comes with a price: They can be the hardest sign to motivate.

If there is no flow, there is no movement.

They basically embody the law of inertia. “An object at rest will remain at rest…”? Yep, sounds like a Pisces alright.

For all their creativity and artistry, they cannot (for the life of them) do anything on sheer will.

If there is no inspiration, they will not make anything.

For a Pisces, if they force themselves to act or create when they do not feel like doing so… things will just become a steaming pile of trash.

Worse, you will get a dose of their tantrums and passive aggressive comments.

They are like kids who are forced to go to the first day of school.

If you want them to do something, you are going to have to drag them to it. And even then, you will not get any assurance that anything will actually get done.

6) They are a mutable water sign

Mutable signs are already prone to change. But more so for Pisces because they’re also a water sign.

Those two aspects of fluidity can make for a very flexible mindset. They would tend to hear people out first before making decisions.

But the facts they consume mostly focus on what the other person is feeling.

If you tell a Pisces how you felt attacked by a coworker or a family member, they will take it as is. No questions asked.

But this does not mean a Pisces is not fair.

It just means they prioritize the emotional welfare of people above all else.

Being a mutable sign also means they easily adapt, probably only second to Libras.

The difference between Libras and Pisces, though, is that Pisces’ adaptation requires some emotional release.

Each change they go through affects them and their mindset. And so, in order to properly acclimatize to their new situation, they have to express their discomfort or sadness over the loss of their old environment.

But just for a moment.

The next thing you know, a Pisces will have new, wonderful insights about their new space.

7) They can be self-deprecating

Pisces is arguably the most fluid of the water signs. So much so that it affects their sense of self.

They ride the waves so much and introspect a lot that they lean more towards insecurity rather than confidence.

They are so gentle and shy that it’s hard for them to express themselves. Sometimes to the point of self-deprecation.

When something does not go right, you can count on a Pisces to apologize and blame themselves almost immediately.

This is their way of swimming off of hard situations. Instead of facing them head on, they just scuttle away by putting the blame on themselves.

This is why they can be one of the easiest signs to manipulate.

So if you’re dating a Pisces, remember to validate their emotions. They can do it for others real well, but sometimes they find it hard to do for themselves.

8) They tend to be masters of escapism

Never try to corner a Pisces. Because this sign is the master of escapism.

During difficult situations, you will see them being the first out of the door. And if they’re trapped, then expect to see them stick to the sides and keep their mouths shut.

This also explains why they are so imaginative. Because the real world is so harsh for them that they would rather exist in a fantasy world.

They’d rather read books, watch fantasy films, or involve themselves in role-playing games.

In these departments, they’re confident experts.

They are also easily annoyed by noisy, boisterous people. This makes them avoid the more arrogant Aries.

9) They don’t like drawing attention to themselves

Because their constellation is derived from two gods transforming themselves to survive, Pisceans don’t like drawing attention to themselves.

For them, it’s not easy to show people who they truly are. Because before anyone can even get there, they are already branded as weird or lazy.

So instead, they focus on seeing the beauty in the world around them.

The thing is: You can see who a Pisces really is if you look at their works.

It’s in the quick turn of phrase in their poems, in the way they capture light in pictures, and the way they touch someone with so much care.

Deep down, though, Pisceans crave care and attention from those they value.

They want to be seen in the same lens that they see everything around them—with beauty and magic.

So if you are trying to date a Pisces, be ready to pull out your most romantic moves.

Don’t even think twice about using cheesy pickup lines! Because they will work, as long as you say them genuinely.

When you do something nice for them, they may not show it outwardly. But you will see traces of their appreciation in their art.

10) They are deeply spiritual

Pisceans are interested in knowing the deeper truths of existence. They are bent on knowing the purpose of life.

This is why they spend so much time philosophizing. They ask hard questions, digging deeper into the secrets of the universe.

When you see a Pisces spaced out in the middle of a conversation, it’s usually because they are doing this.

Their interest in philosophy also makes them easy receptors of spiritual energies.

As they question everything they see and know, sometimes they don’t even notice that they’re stumbling upon powerful spiritual truths.

They do this constantly, without much prompting. In fact, doing this fulfills them.

It creates a sense of achievement in an otherwise dull work day.

To people around them, their wisdom and insights are astoundingly profound.

But for a Pisces, it’s just an ordinary part of life.

Notable Pisceans in history

Pisceans are great thinkers. They can brainstorm, imagine, and fantasize about the most wonderful things.

This makes them the best people to shape the world, such as these people:

  1. Alan Rickman (February 21)
  2. George Washington (February 22)
  3. Drew Barrymore (February 22)
  4. Rihanna (February 20)
  5. Steve Jobs (February 24)
  6. Victor Hugo (February 26)
  7. Elizabeth Taylor (February 27)
  8. Dr. Seuss (March 2)
  9. Michelangelo (March 6)
  10. Gabriel Garcia Marquez (March 6)
  11. Yuri Gagarin (March 9)
  12. Albert Einstein (March 14)

Is your favorite included in this list?

What are the best jobs for Pisces?

A Pisces is the sign most associated with creativity, imagination, and spirituality. Truly, with their artistic nature, there will not be a lack in things that they can do!

All the same, here are some of the best jobs where a Pisces will thrive. See if anything here speaks to you or the Pisces in your life.

  • Gifted adviser
  • Therapist
  • Doctor
  • Poet
  • Standup comedian
  • Counselor
  • Artist

Which signs are the most compatible with Pisces?

  • Scorpio

Scorpios are the embodiment of mystery. And with a Pisces penchant for the mysterious, they will never be uninterested in their fellow water sign.

Together, they can explore the depths of each other’s personalities, human nature, and the secrets of the universe.

And this can form a lifelong bond that cannot be severed by anyone.

  • Cancer

Cancers are expressive individuals. In fact they are known as the most emotional signs.

But this won’t faze a Pisces. In fact, a Pisces will praise a Cancer’s expressiveness. Because they will find this beautiful.

In turn, a Cancer will always be satisfied with a Pisces. Why? Well, because a Pisces’ brand of artistic expressiveness will fill a Cancer’s thirst for emotional connection.

When you put a cardinal and a mutable sign together, you will definitely reach a level of balance that is healthy and infectious.

  • Taurus

A Taurus and a Pisces together can build the perfect home.  A Taurus’ devotion and loyalty pairs well with a Pisces healing nature.

Despite the difference in their signs, they actually compliment each other in a way that circulates and nourishes.

A Taurus can also keep a Pisces from escaping. They will be protective of their shy partners.

Meanwhile, a Pisces will be able to bring out the more sensitive side of Taurus, for better or for worse.

  • Capricorn

Despite seeming like complete opposites, Capricorns and Pisceans actually have a very high compatibility.

A Capricorn’s analytic and logical nature will resonate strongly with a Pisces’ intuition.

They will never run out of things to talk about and problematize. And together, they will be able to have thousands of eureka moments which will satisfy both their souls.

A Capricorn’s hard-wired mentality can be softened by a Pisces’ openness to ideas.

Meanwhile, a Pisces’ penchant for escapism and self-doubt will be dealt with by Capricorn’s honest and pragmatic approach to affection.

Final words

Like the fish, Pisceans know when to ride the current and when to swim away from it.

They are very sensitive with the workings of the mind and spirit, sometimes even more than they understand how the real world operates.

And this is for the better.

Because in order for everyone to understand more about the purpose of humanity, we need great thinkers like Pisces to show us what could be… if we just cared less about things that don’t matter.

And care more about the people, the ideas, and the emotions that do.

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