10 personality traits of Elon Musk you may not have known, based on his Zodiac sign

Astrology is a very interesting subject, and it’s especially fascinating when you look at the s of famous and influential figures who help shape our world. 

The deeper you look, you find that many traits and behaviors are shaped and explained by astrological insights. 

Today I want to take a look at tech mogul, entrepreneur and inventor Elon Musk, who’s been in the news a lot lately, especially following his recent purchase of Twitter. 

What can his Zodiac sign tell us about his personality and clues to what makes him tick?

1) Musk is sensitive…

Musk was born on June 28, 1971 in Pretoria, South Africa. 

This makes his Zodiac sign Cancer, which runs from June 22 to about July 22. 

Cancer is a water sign ruled by the moon and represented by the crab. 

Cancer individuals tend to be sensitive and be quite intuitive. They can follow which trends are coming up and what people are thinking and feeling.

Despite some social awkwardness, Musk has proven himself a forward-looking thinker who seems to always have a grasp of what people are thinking, feeling and caring about. 

2) But he has a hard shell…

Like the crab, Cancers tend to go into self-protection mode when they feel threatened.

They have a hard shell on the outside, even though they tend to be kind and sincere on the inside. 

Musk himself suffered severe bullying growing up in South Africa where he was shunned for being a “nerd” and also grew up with a physically abusive dad.

His traits of sardonic humor and fondness for memes point to a defense mechanism which is common among Cancers who sometimes feel threatened and not fully accepted by the outside world. 

3) Musk cares a lot about his family 

Musk seems to spend half his life on Twitter dropping memes and interacting with shitposters, which might obscure the fact that he’s actually quite a family man. 

Sadly, Musk’s first son Nevada, who was born in 2002, passed away at only 10 weeks old from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). 

Since Nevada’s untimely death, Musk has fathered nine children: six with his ex-wife Justine Wilson, twins with venture capitalist Shivon Zilis and a son, X Æ A-12, with his ex-wife Grimes. 

Cancers tend to be very domestic and love spending time with their family, something Musk has said is definitely his priority. He’s noted that he shares custody of his kids and that “they are the love of my life” and his complete priority whenever he’s not working.

4) Musk can be a little passive aggressive

The s is generally agreeable and somewhat sanguine, but if you cross them the wrong way they can get you pretty good with their claws. 

The weapon of choice for a Cancer tends to be passive-aggressiveness, whereby they seem overly detached at times and overly aggressive at others. 

This could be seen, for example, during Musk’s negotiations to buy Twitter in the past year, with him cycling from agreeable and optimistic to critical and denunciatory in an ongoing cycle. 

5) Musk tends to be very loyal

A positive trait of Cancer tends to be their loyalty. 

Musk shows loyalty in his business and in sticking by those who treat him well. 

On the downside, Musk expects high loyalty from everyone else as well. 

His recent demand that Twitter employees sign a “loyalty oath” to work overtime and do what’s necessary in the best interest of the company led to some quitting in frustration.

6) Musk is emotionally repressed

Cancers don’t like to complain a lot or talk about their feelings. This has a positive side, of course, but it also has a negative side. 

Unfortunately, clamming up about your emotions can lead to emotional repression and keeping everything bottled up. 

Musk tends to use his sarcastic humor to communicate and get through to people, but it’s clear that he’s not really a guy who likes to talk a lot about his deeper emotions and personal experiences in life. 

Even Musk’s 2010 op-ed about his divorce from Wilson reads more like a legal brief than a description of a deeply painful personal experience.

As he says, “given the choice, I’d rather stick a fork in my hand than write about my personal life.”

7) Musk is an ‘ideas guy’

Cancers tend to be ideas people who like to come up with ways to improve the world and make things run more smoothly.

We can see that with Musk, who’s developed transport technology, Tesla cars, SpaceX to explore the solar system and bought Twitter to have a stake in the future of free speech. 

This is not a guy who just chills. He’s a guy who thinks while he chills. 

At the same time, his Cancer sign helps Musk avoid the trap of just getting stuck in his head. 

Unlike many, he’s willing and able to translate his ideas into action. 

Which brings me to the next point about personality traits of Elon Musk you may not have known, based on his Zodiac sign.

8) Musk is an action-oriented businessman

Musk isn’t just bright about coming up with ideas, he understands the corporate world and how to put ideas into action. 

This is actually a trait that many Cancers share and something which helps them enormously in finding career success. 

“Cancers are very astute business people,” astrologer Wade Caves notes in USA Today. “They are individuals who can easily assess the needs of the day and move towards action.”

9) Musk can be vindictive

As he has shown in some of his online comments and jokes, Musk can be a vindictive guy. 

One of the downsides and challenges that a Cancer faces is a tendency to sometimes be a little bit petty and vengeful. 

We can see times Musk has tweeted offensive jokes to get a rise out of people or to get applause from groups who will agree with him, for example. 

10) Musk is talented at managing money 

It may not come as a surprise to those who know about him, but one of the other Cancer traits that rings true for Musk is a way with money. 

Rich or poor, Cancers tend to have a good ability to save money and use it wisely. 

They are good at keeping a balance sheet and deciding what to spend money on and what not to. 

Although some might consider Musk’s Twitter purchase a bit of a wild gamble, his track record financially so far is quite good, so chances are this will turn out as well. 

What to make of Musk

s is an enigma! 

Nobody completely knows what to make of him and even those who love or hate him admit he’s a bit of a mystery. 

Hopefully this article on his Cancer traits has helped shed some light on what makes the guy tick and how it can relate to his actions and future plans.

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