The 14 most unique personality traits of a Cancer

If you were born between the 21st of June – the 23rd of July, you’re a Cancer just like me. You’ve likely heard the stereotype that Cancers are only known for being emotional…

Well, that’s true, we are incredibly emotional, but we’re also highly complex!

If you want to know more about the unique personality traits of a Cancer, this is the article for you…

But be warned, it’s not all roses and peaches, Cancerians have a dark side that contributes to this mysterious yet wonderful Zodiac sign!

Let’s jump in:

1) They’re super sensitive

Say it louder for the people at the back – Cancer is THE most sensitive of the s, heck, these guys are emotional wrecks!

And as a Cancer myself I can wholeheartedly back this statement…we’re often hot or cold with our emotions and take pretty much most things to heart!

But here’s the thing…

It’s not that we want to annoy people with our rollercoaster of emotions, we just feel things incredibly deeply. We also have a bad habit of overthinking (more on that later).

But that doesn’t make us weak, quite the opposite…

2) They have high levels of resilience

Cancer is s. We may be sensitive and emotional, but when the sh*t hits the fan, we know how to pull ourselves together!


Put it this way, when a Cancer has their sight set on something, it’ll take an army and a court order to stop them!

We simply don’t recognize the words “give up”…so when life puts us through hardship we keep sight of the end goal and march forward!

This is one of the most positive unique personality traits of a Cancer but on the flip side…

3) They can be incredibly moody

Unpopular opinion; Moody Margeret is real and she was born sometime between June 21 – July 23.

The truth is, Cancers tend to experience ALL the emotions in one day.

Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration, but when you go through so much emotional turbulence in the space of 24 hours, is it any wonder we can get a bit crabby (pun intended) from time to time?

Put it this way, if you annoy us, you’ll know about it!

With that being said, we do a pretty good job of putting our emotions to one side, especially if someone we care about needs us…

4) They’re protective of those they love

If you don’t have a Cancer in your life yet, you need to find and adopt one as a friend immediately.

Cancers are the type of people who will go out on a limb to be there for those they love and care about. We’re extremely protective, to the point where we may come across as intense and even annoying.

But most people stick with us…they know that we mean well and come with good intentions!

5) They’re highly intuitive

A part of why Cancers are so protective is because they’re also s.

We tend to live by our gut feeling, and most Cancers do a great job of tapping into this powerful resource on a daily basis.

Not only does this mean s tend to make good decisions, but they’re also great at reading the room.

We naturally pick up on the energy of others, and this leads me nicely to my next point:

6) They’re empathetic and caring

Having a strong sense of intuition, whilst also being in tune with our own emotions, means that Cancers do a good job of being empathetic toward others.

That’s why Cancers tend to excel in jobs such as:

  • Caregiving
  • Nursing
  • Teaching

It’s our protective, caring nature that allows us to give off warm energy. Due to our own emotional ups and downs, we can put ourselves in the shoes of others and tend to their needs accordingly!

But a word of warning if you are a Cancer – people will often take advantage of our empathetic nature. Watch out for the energy vampires out there!

7) They can be vindictive

Now, whilst Cancers may be sensitive and caring, they can also be extremely vindictive.

We’re certainly not afraid of serving up a certain cold dish if you know what I mean!

The truth is, because we take things to heart, we often feel like we should retaliate when someone hurts us.

Most of the time, we can talk ourselves out of doing any real damage, but every now and then, when a line has been crossed, our vindictive side comes out!

8) They know how to hold a grudge

Leading on from my previous point, not only are Cancers vindictive, but we also keep grudges for a loooong time!

Look, it’s not that we enjoy feeling this way, but we find it hard to simply let things go and move on!

If you’re a Cancer reading this, how many times have you tried to be the bigger person and move on, only to find yourself ruminating over the situation months later?

Yes, we tend to hold grudges, but that also comes down to the fact that it takes us a long time to trust people. So when we’re wronged, we feel it very deeply.

Sometimes, it’s easier for us to hold a grudge than to be vulnerable and accept that we put ourselves out on the line and got stung!

9) They’re quite sentimental…to their own detriment

And just as grudges can negatively impact us, so can being overly sentimental.

Cancers tend to live in the past. We hold onto our memories for dear life.

In fact, if you ever see a Cancer gazing off into the distance when they should be working, it’s likely they’re remembering something that happened WAY in the past, rather than dreaming about the future.

This isn’t always good for us (or those around us) as it stops us from moving forward in life.

But, hey, what can I say?

We’ve got big imaginations, and there are just so many “what ifs” to consider!

10) They make incredible lovers

Now, it feels like I’ve been bashing Cancers slightly, but the truth is, they make the best lovers out of all the zodiac signs.


But there’s a caveat – you only get this treatment when we really trust you!

You see, a Cancer needs to see that you’re worthy of all this good lovin’.

They don’t give this special treatment to just anyone!

This is probably one of the best unique personality traits of a Cancer, and one that makes us highly desirable partners!

11) They don’t deal well with heartbreak

But with that being said, if you break a Cancer’s heart, know that there’ll be plenty of tears.

We are not known for moving on with grace, as I mentioned earlier.

So, if you manage to avoid our vindictive nature, at best, you can still expect to receive numerous text message essays demanding to know why you’ve left us high and dry.

Here’s a tip if you find yourself in that situation; closure, closure, closure!

Help out your Cancerian ex by giving them the closure they so deeply desire (trust me, it’ll make your life much easier!).

But there’s a reason why Cancers find it so hard to handle heartbreak…

12) They’re loyal beyond measure

You read that right – a Cancer friend, partner, or family member will be there with you until the very end!

In fact, our loyalty can sometimes come back to bite us in the butt, as we’ll even stick around in toxic situations simply because we hate leaving anyone behind.

That’s why we hurt so much when going through betrayal or heartbreak; we can’t comprehend being abandoned because it’s so hard for us to do the same to others!

13) They’re big overthinkers

Is it any surprise after the points you’ve just read?!

Yes, we’re huge s.

We overthink what to wear to the supermarket…how we’re going to manage our retirement (in 30+ years’ time)…whether we came across as curt when thanking the yoga instructor…

You get the message.

There isn’t a situation that a Cancer won’t overthink if I’m being honest.

This is likely due to our sensitive nature, but also because we are highly intuitive, we tend to pick up on the energies of those around us.

If something doesn’t feel quite right, you can be sure to find us at home, overthinking it!

14) They crave affection

Affection, not attention.

Cancers are fairly secure within themselves, so attention isn’t something they pine for. But affection, oh, that’s a whole different ball game!

The easiest way to put it is:

We’re like cats.

Sassy, independent, temperamental. But we still want to be scratched under the chin and petted – just when it’s convenient for us!

So there we have it, the 14 most unique personality traits of a Cancer.

As you can see, being emotional does make up a big part of belonging to the Cancer sign, but it’s far from the only trait that makes us so loveable and wonderful!

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