10 things you can expect from a Libra man after a break up

Breakups are never easy, and when you add romance into the equation, it can be downright painful. 

If you’re dating a Libra man, prepare for some serious ups and downs as he tries to get his life back on track after a break up. 

Yeah, I know. It’s a pretty bad combination.

It’s hard to predict exactly what your Libra man will do or say after a breakup, but I do have 10 predictions that may be coming your way. 

1) He’s going to want to check in on you a lot

Your Libra ex will want to check in with you, which can seem a little draining at first.

He’ll want to know how you’re doing, how your day was, if there’s anything you need, what you were up to the past few days, etc. 

It may feel like he’s waiting on your every move and every decision and this is true. 

In fact, Libra men always wait for the answers in life and are careful whenever they make any big decisions or choices because they believe that life is too important not to be thorough about it all.

When I was dating my ex-Libra boyfriend, for example, he would ask about every little thing and was always thinking about me. 

He would text me daily, and even visited my place of business to check up on me from time to time – although I think that was more his way of paying off the “debt” he feels he owes you for the relationship ending. 

When you’re going through a breakup with a Libra man, expect him to hang out with you quite frequently until the point when you’ve both healed.

I know this all seems a little overwhelming at first, considering his checking in and obsessively need to know about your every move will seem a bit annoying and controlling. 

But, in actuality, you can use the situation to your advantage because s, so all this over communication will mean he’ll feel like you’re spending more time together. 

I’m all for that!

2) He’ll want to get back on track at work

Your Libra ex will be pretty bummed out during and after a breakup because he loves his work and loves his job.

When you’re in a relationship with a Libra man, he’ll put in all his might to s and to make it the best it can possibly be.

This might mean he works more hours and puts more time into his career than he usually would to impress you.

But when your relationship is having problems, he’ll be so focused on fixing it that his career will become secondary for a short period of time. He’ll end up making some major mistakes in his workplace – and this can be pretty bad for him because he might actually get fired.

Once this relationship has ended, however, he’ll become frustrated because he feels like all that hard work was for nothing. 

So expect him to get back on track at work because your Libras are workers by nature.

3) He’ll feel like you’re just using him

I know that you probably never realized this before, but most Libra men are pretty big on being used by women.

They’ll be hurt by the fact that they feel like they don’t mean a lot to women and so they’ll feel like you’re just using them after a breakup. 

This is especially true if you’ve been dating for a while and if your relationship has gotten pretty intense. 

Your Libra ex will have this “whatever” attitude because he doesn’t think that his feelings – or yours – are important enough to warrant much action from him after the breakup.

So he’s going to go straight into this “I’m fine” mentality where you’re concerned. 

What you need to realize is that he’ll never really be fine, no matter how much he says otherwise. 

He’ll be a little distant from you after the relationship, especially if he wants you to feel guilty about breaking up with him. 

4) He’ll wonder if you’re happier without him

Your Libra ex boyfriend is a romantic at heart and will be too proud to admit otherwise. 

So, while you’re going to be over the moon happy without him, he’s going to question your happiness and wonder if you’re actually happier without him. 

Sometimes he’ll end up thinking that your life is better without him and this is just hard for his ego to deal with. 

He’ll question whether you’re still thinking about him to some extent and if you’d be a little more eager to get back together. 

This might even make him doubt his own worth as a man and this will feel little like a slap in the face because of the time and energy he invested in making sure things worked out between the two of you.

Like I mentioned before, Libra men are all about romance, so when your life doesn’t fit into his idealistic view of it after the break up, he’ll think that something is wrong with it or with you. 

This is why he’ll wonder if you’re actually happier without him because he won’t be able to identify what went wrong. 

It’s pretty silly and childish, but it’s true. 

5) He’ll try to make you jealous

Your Libra ex will want to make you jealous whenever he gets close to another woman.

It’s a pretty immature thing for him to do, but it’s just a common thing that insecure Libras tend to do after a breakup. 

Why do I say that? 

Since his ego is bruised and he can’t figure out why you’re happier without him, he’ll probably end up trying to find someone else or throw himself into some new hobby in order to get your attention again – and this usually involves s. 

By making you jealous, he’s trying to put a really good face on the fact that he still has some serious feelings for you – even though you’d rather he moved on. 

6) He’ll make you feel guilty because he thinks you’re happier without him

Your Libra ex is going to try really hard to make you feel guilty about breaking up with him.

You’re going to think that he’s doing this because he’s a decent guy and you should try to work things out with him again, but that’s not why.

In actuality, he’s trying to regain some of his pride by s. 

He doesn’t want anyone else touching you or being close to you – especially if they could potentially steal your attention from him.

I know that sounds a little crazy, but it’s all because he thinks your life is better without him and he wants to test if it’s true that you’re happier without him too. 

You need to realize that Libra men are a little crazy too if only just a tad. 

So once again, just don’t take it personally.

They’re pretty hard to figure out at times – but I know that you can’t help but want to understand them. 

That’s your challenge alone to face, so I suggest you stop wasting time trying to figure it all out and just accept him the way he is.

7) He’ll want to get back into the dating scene as soon as possible

Libra men are social butterflies by nature.

Just when he’s starting to get back on track at work and feeling better about life, your Libra ex will want to get back into the dating scene as soon as he can.

Because they crave human interaction, they enjoy being in relationships and being able to feel like a part of that person’s world. 

When this romantic relationship ends, however, your Libra ex boyfriend will most likely go back into the dating scene as soon as possible to get his “fix”.

He’ll need to get out of that sadness and loneliness by jumping right back in with some other woman. Your newly single Libra man may even be willing to date multiple women just so he can find someone who has similar interests or hobbies.

On the other hand, it’s possible that your Libra ex boyfriend will try to find a new relationship right away so that he can be back in his comfort zone.

In either case, this dating scene is going to leave him pretty confused because he’ll wonder why you’re not over him just yet. 

Just remember that your Libra ex isn’t physically capable of being away from romantic relationships for very long – so expect these new relationships to end quickly.

8) He’ll get angry over little things

You probably never realized it before, but your Libra loved you – and he’ll be jettisoned about that for a little while after his breakup.

He might get angry over little things, especially after an argument or a fight. 

Most of the time it’s during these heated times that he’ll get mad at you for leaving him – or (as I mentioned before) the fact that your life is better without him.

You’ll probably feel like you’re the one who made him angry in the first place, but this is how he deals with being hurt. 

So don’t take it personally, because it’s not your fault that he’s feeling this way. 

The fact is, Libra men tend to be emotional creatures – and when he’s hurt by you breaking up with him, he just can’t help but let it show. 

9) He will want to be your best friend again

After the initial shock has worn off and Libra man settles into his new life, he’ll probably try to transition into the best friend role again. 

This is good because you’ve both been there before. 

You know that Libra men are great listeners, care deeply about you, and really enjoy making you smile and happy. 

It’s also easy for them to become friends with someone once they’re out of a relationship because they’re basically the most chill sign in the entire zodiac circle.

The “friendship” phase may last from days to months depending on your ex-Libra man’s personality, but after a bit of time, he’ll probably revert back to his old best friend role.

But you know what? 

That’s okay!

Just remember to not take any of his advice about relationships or non-relationships personally, and talk to him about this if you feel uncomfortable with what he’s saying.

He’ll be your friend again, but he’ll still want to be your advisor when it comes to relationships. 

Don’t forget – Libra men are known as the romantics of the zodiac circle, so even though he might revert back into a friendship mode, he’ll still have romantic feelings for you during this entire process. 

Unless he starts dating someone new right away (he won’t), this phase may last throughout most of the year.

10) He’ll try to manipulate you

I know that this is hard to swallow because your Libra man is so great, but he’ll probably try to manipulate you in order to get you back. 

It’s rare for a Libra man to be so manipulative, but it does happen from time to time after a breakup. 

He might say something like, “I’m not going anywhere without you,” just so that he can make you feel guilty about leaving him.

He’ll tell you that he wants the best for you and he’s too good of a guy for you not to be with him – or some other similar things here and there.

This is all part of the manipulation process. 

The good news is that you won’t feel bad about breaking up with him this time around. You’ll actually get to enjoy your life and go out that way. 

In fact, at times like these, you’ll suddenly feel like you’ve been able to move on much faster than normal after a breakup. 

So I hope that it’s clear now why this breakup may take a little while to heal – but don’t expect it to be an easy process.

Libra men are known for their indecisiveness, so don’t expect anything for certain

You’ll probably feel pretty frustrated and confused at times, but that’s okay because that’s all normal. 

I know that this breakup was difficult for you in general, but it’s also important to mention here that Libra men are known for their indecisiveness too.

That’s why they often have a hard time deciding on anything – including whether or not they want to stay with their partners. 

In fact, this indecision is one of the common reasons why I think Libra men tend to break up with their girlfriends. 

So don’t expect anything for certain when it comes to your Libra ex after he’s broken up with you.

You’ll know where you want to see things go, but he won’t. 

This is why it’s going to be so difficult for both of you at times, but if you stick with it and remember to be patient, things will work themselves out.

In other words, do not make any rash decisions when it comes to your Libra ex – especially if you’re not sure what his intentions are at the moment. 

If he comes back into your life in a sincere manner and treats you right – even if he’s just pretending to (as most guys do) – then by all means feel free to give him another chance.


I know that I’ve been harsh with this entire article so far, but it’s all because that’s how Libra men are.

They’re emotional creatures who often make mistakes when it comes to relationships and non-relationships. That’s who they are and that’s how they’ve been made. 

I want you to remember that, no matter how hard this may all be for you, the relationship was not a mistake for either one of you.

You fell in love with your Libra ex and he did the same. And of course, most relationships will be difficult in the end. 

After figuring out what to expect after breaking up with him, keep yourself calm and firm with your decision.

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