8 ways to fix a relationship with a Leo man

Let’s face it. For all the swagger and dominance Leo men pride themselves with, they can be huge drama queens.

Their egos can be big yet somehow fragile, especially when the person who hurt them is someone they completely adore.

But that’s only because, despite their penchant for the dramatics, a Leo man can be the most loyal, protective, and loving partner you’d ever meet. Which is probably why you want to fix things with him, am I right?

If so, then I suggest you read this article carefully. Because in this article, we’ll discuss 8 surefire ways to fix your relationship with your Leo man.

1) Shower him with affection and gifts

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re the one who messed things up in your relationship.

Well, let me tell you: An apology, however direct, should not be the first thing you offer a Leo man.

Why, you ask? Well, because it’s not that easy to regain a Leo’s trust and confidence in you once you broke it. You first have to offer some type of offering or “ritual” (which is hyperbolic) in order to get their attention.

The main thing you need to do is to shower him with affection. Since you broke his confidence in you, there will inevitably be a thick, tall wall between you and him now. And you have to bring it down first brick by brick.

Try complimenting the way he looks the next time he posts a photo of himself (because he surely will, trust me). Praise the way he’s been taking care of himself. Tell him you miss the way he wraps his arms around you, making you feel all safe and protected.

But make sure that you’re not just saying these things! One thing Leos value deeply is authenticity. And as much you’re trying to butter him up, doing so for the sake of doing it will not work.

Your man will be able to sniff fake affection from a mile away!

As for the gifts, honestly, this is optional. If your Leo truly loves you, he won’t be the type to appreciate material gifts so much. At least, not the generic, last-minute-thinking kind of gifts.

If you give a gift to a Leo man, put some thought and effort into it. It doesn’t have to be expensive. It just has to be thoughtful.

You’ll weaken his defenses in no time!

2) Offer your sincerest apology

Now this step is not a one-time gesture.

Some people may only need one sincere, verbal apology to accept it, others may need convincing a couple of times. But if you want a Leo man to accept your apology, you have to reiterate the point multiple times until they believe it.

It’s going to be a lot of work, and a lot of humbling yourself in front of him. But don’t feel too weird about it. Your Leo man only wants to know that you actually mean what you’re saying.

This is actually the reason why I put the apology early into the article.

Because the moment you get him to open some part of himself again to you, you should begin to cement that opening with an apology, and sprinkle it as you do the other steps below.

Remember that your partner is a fire sign, and a zodiac with the namesake of a lion at that. You know, before you entered this relationship, that “easy” has always been out of the picture.

3) Plan an activity he’ll be passionate about

Leos are the most passionate people of all the signs. Libras may have an eye for the beautiful things, Virgos the perfectionists, and Capricorns the most overachieving. But none of them holds a candle to the passion that Leos naturally have.

So if you want to be able to get your Leo man to meet and spend time with you, remember the things he’s passionate about. Then think of an activity related to it!

Does he like talking about films? A quick search through Rotten Tomatoes can help you have a list of good upcoming films to suggest!

Is he passionate about books? Don’t buy him one! Instead, bring him to a library with an impressive collection or a bookstore with a very unique, cozy feel.

Does he like trying out new food? Look for a good restaurant or a small food business which serves authentic food from different places.

Do your research. That will show a Leo man you’re determined, and that you are putting an effort into getting to know who he is.

I, myself, had a problem with my fire sign boyfriend. It’s not easy, let me tell you that.

And there were moments when I thought of just giving up! But I spoke to someone from Psychic Source after going through a rough patch in my relationship. After being lost in my thoughts for so long, they gave me a unique insight about dealing with apologies and how to best save my relationship.

So, if you need an extra hand, I suggest reaching out to them.

This will guarantee to get you a date where you can apologize in person.

4) Dress up in a way you haven’t before

Your effort to fix things doesn’t stop with you setting a way for you two to meet.

Again, a Leo man is not averse to dramatics. So feel free to work on how you would look when you meet him again.

The key here is to elevate your usual look, but not make it too flashy. Remember: you’re dating a man you’re already (or have been) in a relationship with. He will know when you’re not being yourself. And that will not help you in any way.

It’s important to note here that you’ll not be doing this for him alone. In fact, this step should be done more for yourself than your Leo man.

By putting work into how you look, you’re helping yourself become more confident as well! This helps the way you carry the intimate conversation with him, and it will help keep his attention fixed on you.

5) Don’t be afraid to use your appeal

A Leo man is drawn to someone who knows their own appeal. It’s one of the things he won’t be able to resist!

Now: This doesn’t mean you need to be sultry when it’s not your personality. It only means: Know your strengths, and use it.

“But what is my appeal,” you might ask. Well, try to recall which aspects of your personality your partner has constantly commented on in the past.

Does your Leo man know you for being a go-getter? Does he fawn over your childish charm? Is he enamored with your weirdness?

If the Leo man really loved you, he’d have told you over and over that thing about you which appeals to him a lot. That’s how Leos roll. They are not afraid to express themselves every chance they get.

6) Hype him up

When you finally get to talk to your partner in person, don’t hesitate to hype him up as often as you can.

This doesn’t mean you should shower him with false compliments.

Instead, acknowledge the good things he’s done for you, for other people, and for his own future. A Leo man is a sucker for this kind of affirmation of their efforts.

Get him talking about the things he’s been doing while you two were having an issue. Ask him how he’s been holding up. Try to know what projects he’s working on recently, and then compliment the good things you see about these things.

It is possible that they’d be a little hesitant to open up at first because of the problem that transpired between you two. In which case, don’t push him. Move on to another topic you can talk about. But try to get to know him again.

Leos are very generous people, for sure. But what they love more than that is for someone to recognize and appreciate the things they do. Because they do these things with the purest, most passionate intent.

7) Show him that he has your undivided attention

It won’t take a single meeting for you to fix things with a Leo man. In fact, you just might need to wait for a few days to weeks before he’ll be able to talk about what happened between you two.

Leos can be stubborn, which I’m sure you already know.

The way to work with this is to give him your undivided attention each time he chooses to talk to you.

He may start with a simple greeting or a compliment on the way you’ve been looking recently. Then he might thank you for the gifts you sent him.

The best way to get his attention? Try to get him to talk about his interests and his feelings.

And when he does, make sure everything about you is focused on him and him alone. Because the willingness of your nonverbals will tell him that you’re ready to patch things up with him again.

Leos are certainly stubborn individuals, but they are not vain. The act of him opening up is usually misconstrued as being self-absorbed. But actually, it’s him sharing his victories and defeats with the person whom he knows cares for him in the most genuine way.

So don’t worry about asking him to tell you more about himself.

8) Open up to him

Once a Leo man is ready to talk about the problem the two of you faced, don’t be afraid to pour your heart out into what you’re going to say.

Your sincerity is what he needs to feel that you’re in this for real. And that whatever hurdle the two of you are facing is not insurmountable.

Tell him how you felt about the two of you arguing or breaking up. Tell him how much you miss the way the two of you can just be so open and passionate about each other and the things you both do individually.

There really is no threshold to what you can say as long as it’s authentically you.

If you want to get back together with him, if you want him to apologize for something he did to hurt you, or if you want to apologize for hurting him… Tell him in all earnest and sincerity.

This shows your passion, your confidence with your emotions, and your determination to make your relationship work. And really, that’s all he wants to hear.

Don’t give up on your Leo lover

I, myself, had a problem with my fire sign boyfriend. It’s not easy, let me tell you that.

And there were moments when I thought of just giving up! But I spoke to someone from Psychic Source after going through a rough patch in my relationship. After being lost in my thoughts for so long, they gave me a unique insight about dealing with apologies and how to best save my relationship.

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Is fixing things with a Leo man worth it?

At first, it may seem like a lot of work to fix your relationship with a Leo man. Because the truth is: It is!

When I had a problem with my fire sign boyfriend last year, I thought it would reach a dead end, too. I’m talking do-not-resuscitate. Over and out.

I was ready to walk away, but before I did that I took a step I’d never taken before. I reached out to a professional relationship coach.

I had low expectations, but even my highest hopes were exceeded. The coach I spoke to at Relationship Hero quickly broke down the walls I’d built up in my relationship and helped me understand how to fix a relationship with a Leo.

This coach was tough but fair and genuinely helpful.

My coach took apart every single lie I was telling myself and helped me understand how to truly resolve relationship issues with a Leo man.

My relationship isn’t perfect now, but it’s so much better than what it was. Most importantly, I’m hugely optimistic about the future again.

Click here to check out Relationship Hero and see if they can help you too.

Sure, Leo men can be drama queens. But they’re also the most sincere, loyal, and caring partners you’ll ever meet.

So, yes, if you’re lucky enough to be in a relationship with a Leo, do whatever you can to fix with him every problem you meet along the way.

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