10 ways a Leo man will test you and how to respond (practical guide)

Your man has been acting quite strange recently. Making weird, borderline offensive jokes, asking you to do random stuff for him…

Hell, has he even been flirting with other girls!?

Is something up? you ask yourself.

Yes, girl. It is.

Your Leo man is testing you—that’s what’s up.

Everyone is tempted to play mind games from time to time. But Leo men? That’s, like, their defining factor (just kidding… kinda.)

No, but seriously, there are actually a few notable reasons why Leo men tend to do this.

Here’s the TL;DR version of why they do this:

  • Leo men will test you to see if you can commit long-term;
  • They want to see if you have the traits they desire: loyalty, passion, confidence, and adventurousness;
  • He wants to know if you can take care of him;
  • He wants to see if you can make him feel loved and special.

We’ll break it down into more detail below.

1) He’ll test your wit

A woman who is witty and funny is extremely sexy to a Leo. As a way to test your compatibility, he’ll test how clever you are.

This is why he’s making weird jokes (usually weird in the smartest way possible). He wants to know if you can keep up with his wit.

If you can take it lightly and make him laugh too, he’ll fall in love with you or see you as a keeper if you’re already together. However, if you don’t get his quirky comments or share his sense of humor, he might lose interest rather quickly.

Essentially, he’s just trying to see if he can be his true self around you.

2) He’ll blurt out self-deprecating jokes

Speaking of jokes…

Some of those jokes might be self-deprecating.

However, the phrase “jokes are half-meant” rings true for this one. Leo men actually tend to be quite insecure.

He’ll act tough on the outside, but he’s definitely a softy on the inside. He subtly asks for support and affirmation whenever he cracks these jokes.

So whenever he blurts out these self-deprecating jokes, he tests both your wit and compassion.

If you really want to s, this is what I personally recommend you do:

Laugh at his joke to signal that you share his humor, but tell him afterward that you think it’s been a weird one.

Did he just joke about how ugly he is? Say something like…

Okay, I have to admit that’s a clever joke. Good one. But hey, honestly… I think you’re pretty handsome.

He’ll be swooning, trust me.

3) He’ll talk to other girls

Another thing that might throw you off is that he’ll talk to other girls—and not hide it from you.

Leo men tend to be quite social. They’ll have lots of friends, including women. So he’s seeing if this bothers you.

And because they’re quite sociable people, it might even seem like he’s being flirty or affectionate with his friends.

He’ll definitely give you the space and freedom to have friends—but of course, he wants you to do the same for him. So you can’t get easily jealous if you want to date him.

And when you’re struggling with intense feelings of jealousy, it’s easy to feel hopeless and helpless about the relationship. I won’t blame you if you’ve considered giving up and just trying to move on.

But before you do that, I highly suggest taking on a different approach first.

I learned this from world-renowned shaman Rudá Iandê. He exposes the cultural conditioning we’ve all been subject to when it comes to love and intimacy.

s, he illuminates how many of us have toxic expectations of love due to a lack of self-love.

And doesn’t jealousy stem from insecurity and a lack of self-love? This video is directly applicable if you’re having trouble with jealousy.


4) He’ll flaunt his accomplishments

A Leo man has quite a big ego—and he probably knows it.

He’s outgoing, confident, and proud of his achievements. He wants someone that can not only accept this but is also supportive of his ambitions.

So when he tells you about the things he’s proud of, you should know that he’s paying attention to your reaction.

  • Will you call him out for being boastful?
  • Will you try to one-up him?
  • Will you downplay his accomplishments?

Do any of these, and he will feel hurt. He wants a woman who will lift him up and relish his success with him.

If you want to be his girl, you need to be willing to shower him with compliments and give him constant attention, affection, and admiration.

5) He’ll see if you’re controlling

Leo men need to determine if you have a controlling nature or not.

As said above, they like to be outgoing and adventurous. They don’t want to be with someone who will tie them to a leash and control them.

So expect him to go out with his friends or tell you he’ll be away for a few days. He’s seeing if you’ll let him be or try to control him.

This s is symbolized by the lion—the king of the jungle. And that’s exactly s: free and in power.

6) He’ll study your body language

s are very intuitive when it comes to body language and non-verbal communication.

Expect him to be deeply aware of your body language. He can tell if you are into him or not just based on your body language alone.

He’ll do weird tests that might come off as unnerving, like mirroring your body language to see how you react or if you’re compatible with each other.

So if you’re trying to win him over, be aware of how you move and present yourself. Be light but confident; assured but not excessive. And, more importantly, show that you’re paying attention to him.

7) He’ll invite you out hiking

Because they’re so outgoing, Leo men are also quite active. He’s likely into fitness or sports and wants a woman who shares his passion for an active lifestyle.

So don’t be surprised if he prefers going on hikes instead of eating at restaurants for dates. He wants to be on the move and see if you can keep up with him.

Of course, don’t try to fake anything. If you’re just not into the same things, it’s better to let go of this man than try to impress him by pretending.

Because even if you manage to fool him at the start, you’re only setting both of yourselves up for disappointment once your true colors inevitably show.

8) He’ll determine if you share the same love language

His own language is most probably acts of service. And attention too! So some Leo men really like s there as well.

I’ve already said so above, but I can’t emphasize enough how much Leo men want to feel pampered. (Speaking from personal experience here!)

We’ve established that he’s a lion, right? As big and scary as they may seem, all they want is attention and affection.

So expect him to do stuff like:

  • Telling you he’s hungry and asking if you can cook him something in the middle of the night;
  • Pretending like he’s sick to see how you’ll take care of him;
  • Or checking how you prioritize him in your schedule.

The key here is to make him feel like he’s the only man in the world.

This makes a lot of sense if you consider the fact that their ruling planet is the sun. Once again, they also want to be just that in a relationship: the center of your universe.

9) He’ll see how passionate you are

Leos are the way they are because of how spirited they are. And they simply want a person who’s just as passionate as them.

They have great zeal and are often effective leaders because of this. It’s no wonder that they often like to be around people.

So those tasks he’s asking you to do?

He’s not just seeing if you’ll do them—he’s also seeing how you’ll do them.

  • Do you follow their instructions or prefer to take control of those tasks and situations?
  • Do you have the initiative to perform the task well as best you can, or do you put little effort into it?
  • Are you detail-oriented or just trying to get the job done?

As you can see, if you’re the type of person to keep planners, make spreadsheets, or even create mood boards, Leo men will find that incredibly attractive.

However, put in little effort into things, and he will think that you will also put a little effort into your relationship. You need to share the same optimistic, energetic, and go-getter attitude that he does.

10) He wants to see if you have ambition too


By now, you should deeply understand two things:

  1. Leo men possess a high level of ambition and drive;
  2. They want someone with a similar character.

As a competitive, natural-born leader actively pursuing his goals, he desires a partner he can grow and succeed with.

He wants someone who is just as ambitious and driven as he is, with her own goals and dreams. He wants a relationship where you push each other to s.

So if you’re just getting to know a Leo, you should know that his question about your passions, achievements, and goals will be the most crucial question in the entire date.

When you answer him, don’t be afraid to boast about your accomplishments (just as he likely did!). He’ll be smitten if you present yourself as a strong, motivated woman.

When will a Leo man test you?

Relationships with Leo men can be exhilarating. His romantic nature makes him caring, protective, and utterly loyal.

Their more extroverted nature also means that he is not afraid to show affection toward you, even in public. And just as he’s proud of his accomplishments, he will be incredibly proud of you too and show you off to his friends and family.

So expect a lot of flowers, cute Instagram selfies that show you off as a couple, and almost shameless public displays of affection!

However, there are, of course, two sides to his pride. While caring and affectionate, he can also come across as arrogant, egotistic, and snobbish, especially when he’s testing you.

Well, actually… he’ll be testing you in one way or another most of the time.

Sometimes, he can even seem like a brooding, complicated person, even if he’s usually an open book.

Here’s when they tend to test you:

  • On the first day: these “tests” will start when he starts getting interested in you. Even if you’re not exactly on a date yet, once he starts getting attracted to you—or notices that you’re getting attracted to him—he’ll subtly try to test you from the get-go. Then, his tests will gradually get more intense the more he falls for you.
  • When they’re falling for you: Leo men will likely go for a “hot-n-cold” approach. They’ll romance you with grand, dramatic gestures one day, then ignore you the next. They’re trying to see three things here.
    • How you react to their absence;
    • If you’ll pamper them too;
    • How far you’re willing to go for him.
  • Even when you’ve been together for a while: Leo men constantly try to ensure that you’re truly committed to them. He has a lot of love to give,so he wants to know that you remain a worthy woman of his efforts and affection.
  • When you least expect it: Like I said, they’ll be testing you even in minor ways almost all the time. He’ll test you when you least expect it—especially when you least expect it. After all, that’s when he’ll most likely get to see your true nature.

How to respond to his tests

Due to these tests (which, of course, can feel stupid at times), you might think that Leo men are not the easiest lovers to have.

And, well… you’re right. But a good Leo man will make it all worth it—trust me. They may not be the easiest people to love, but they can definitely be the most fulfilling lovers out there.

Passing their tests is similar to trying to resolve and overcome other kinds of conflict between star signs.

However, I need to repeat something here…

You need to remain your true self even if you’re aware of his testing.

I cannot stress this enough. Remember that he’s trying to simply see if you’re the right woman for him.

And maybe, just maybe, you really aren’t—and that’s okay! It’s far, far better to let go of him right now than suffer through a relationship where you always have to pretend to impress your partner.

And you know what? Trust me; most Leo men can sense if you’re just faking it. That’s a far worse turn-off than anything else.

Staying true to who you are won’t just give you better chances of passing his tests; you’ll also see if he’s the right man for you.

With that said, here’s how you can respond to his tests to make him see you as a high-value woman that he’ll want to commit to.

Boost his ego

For better or for worse, Leos are proud creatures—if not even egotistical. You can exploit this fact and stroke his ego if you really want him to be attracted to you. Admire his accomplishments, shower him with compliments, and validate his feelings.

Flirt it up

Leo men are, well… still men at the end of the day. They’re used to doing all the flirting and approaching and initiating. So if you flip this script and take the initiative to flirt with him, he will be surprised and flattered in the best way possible.

He might be defensive about it—after all, they tend to like being the one in control—but trust me, he’s just trying to appear stoic and confident. If you’re feeling really spicy, use his own medicine against him and play the “hot-n-cold” game we talked about too.

Reassure him

His tests can be frustrating to deal with at times—I totally get it. However, if you must criticize him or call him out, you should do it softly. His pride is easily wounded and he’s afraid of getting hurt too.

Be understanding if he’s ignoring you or trying to test you. He has tons of love to give you. He just wants to be sure that you love him too.

Seek professional help

While this article gives you the basics of Leo men and how they tend to test you, nothing compares to speaking to a certified relationship coach if you’re having difficulty dealing with it.

s is a site where you can get the help of highly trained relationship coaches to give you tailor-made advice for the specific situation you’re currently dealing with. After all, dealing with things like being tested can be complicated and frustrating.

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Common questions about Leo men

How do I know if a Leo man is serious about me?

Well, he’ll test you! That’s for sure.

Here’s another important thing I’ve noticed about Leo men too:

He’ll ask less about your body and more about your life and your feelings—and especially about your accomplishments and ambitions.

And he really sees a future with you? He’ll introduce you to the friends and family he loves dearly.

How can I make a Leo man obsessed with me?

Three key things:

  • Compliment, validate, and reassure him;
  • Give him his freedom;
  • Don’t be too jealous of his friends.

Essentially, let your shine through!

If you feel like he’s not spending much time with you, take that time to work on your goals. Remember, Leo men love a woman just as ambitious as he is.

Do Leo men tend to be pickier than other signs?

Broadly speaking, yes. Leo men tend to be quite pickier than other non-Leo men. Of course, there are always exceptions.

Other individuals can also be very selective depending on the confluence of their signs. Generally, Taurus and Cancer men tend to be picky as well.

Taurus men usually have very high standards and will definitely not settle for anyone. On the other hand, cancer men are highly sensitive and will instantly be turned off by anyone who hurts their feelings or disrupts the emotional balance in the relationship.

Gemini men are also noteworthy: like Leo men, they have high standards and can also similarly be a bit egotistical. Geminis won’t hesitate to walk away if they don’t find what they’re looking for.

How do I know if a Leo man is lying?

Leo men are incredibly scared of getting caught in the act. Expect him to act nervous and not his usual self if he’s lying or trying to hide something.

He’ll avoid eye contact—or avoid you entirely.

How do I know if he’s ignoring me because he’s testing me or if he’s lying or trying to hide something?

Well, dear, that’s one of the challenges of being with them.

When a Leo man gets caught, he acts defensively and insists that he’s innocent.

What is a Leo man’s love language?


s want to be pampered as much as they’ll pamper you.

They tend to have acts of service as their main love language. Gift-giving and words of affirmation are also quite common among Leo men.

So do him a lot of favors, buy him the things he wants, and constantly express admiration and affection!

How can I text a Leo man to get his attention?

Luckily, Leo men aren’t too complicated when it comes to texting.

Texting him alone will make him feel seen and wanted. After all, all they really want is attention.

So whether your messages are short and sweet or long and elaborate—or even just sending a cute little selfie!—they’ll be incredibly appreciative of it all the same.

How do I know if a Leo man is just playing with me?

Because they always test you, it’s an extremely common—and valid!–concern to feel like they’re just playing with you.

Well, they definitely can be. In particular, more immature Leos may fall into the trap of manipulating those around them to get the attention and admiration they so crave.

Here are some signs to look out for to see if s—and is instead just playing with you, using you, or manipulating you.

  • He’s power-tripping: While it’s true that Leo men usually want to be the leaders in the relationship, it doesn’t mean that they should have infallible power in the relationship. If he feels like he’s abusing his power or being too domineering, then there’s a good chance that he’s just playing with you by power-tripping.
  • He doesn’t bring you to his friends or family: Leo men want their loved ones to all to know each other. If he’s hiding you from his friends and family, then he’s likely not serious about you. He may be staying with you out of ulterior motives or is just using you to boost his ego.
  • He always flakes on plans with you: If your Leo man is flaky and is always canceling plans with you (especially at the last minute), then know that he probably doesn’t have serious feelings for you. Remember that Leo men want to commit to someone. And if he can’t even commit to plans with you, then do you think he wants to commit to you in general?
  • He only talks about himself: Due to their egotistic tendencies, Leo men can get carried away and only talk about themselves. They won’t listen to the things you’re saying and won’t even ask how you are. It’s a sign that they may not be that interested in you and are once again just using the relationship to boost their ego.
  • He doesn’t express affection: This man is a romantic and will often express affection through dramatic gestures. It’ll feel like he’s constantly wooing you. If he’s not doing this, then he just doesn’t like you enough to deem you worthy of such affection.

What Zodiac signs are the most compatible with Leo men?

Like Aries and Sagittarius, Leo is a fire sign.

Thus, a Leo is most compatible with an Aries woman—someone who is typically just as ambitious, fiery, and headstrong as he is.

Another amazing pairing is a Leo man with a Libra woman, an air sign. Libra women are usually very caring and supportive, complementing Leo’s more dominant nature very well.

To conclude

As someone who has been with Leo men as well, I really hope this article helps you.

While it can be difficult to determine if he is testing you or just playing with you, it should get easier to tell the longer you’re with him.

He will keenly observe you, so it’s important to study the signs and keep an eye out for him too.

Overall, s. Once he gets his answer, he’ll stop testing you.

Ah, well… or at least he’ll likely do it less often. Haha.

Still, it can definitely be worth dealing with, as Leo men can be some of the most fantastic lovers out there.

But don’t let that get your hopes too high or give you unrealistic fantasies about Leo men. If he’s not serious about you, then he will discard you with little to no hesitation.a

At the end of the day, regardless of sign, find someone compatible with you. Someone who will love you the way you deserve and want to be loved.

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