12 physical signs a Scorpio man likes you (body language)

If you want to know if the Scorpio man in your life likes you back, the signs are all there.

But, it’s not about what he says or does.

Here’s the truth:

Scorpio men can be just as skilled at hiding their true feelings as we are.

So, if you want to know if he’s into you, forget about the possibility of him dropping hints and pay attention to his body language instead.

Here are 12 physical signs a Scorpio man likes you (body language).

1) He makes direct eye contact with you when speaking to in private or in public (but not always)

This is a huge and rare indicator of interest from a man, especially from a Scorpio man.

Scorpio men aren’t typically the direct eye contact types.

They aren’t exactly known for their friendly eyes.

Instead, they have this intense, penetrating gaze that can be sexy and captivating.

When you are talking to him, he may look at other parts of your body, or even the surroundings.

But, when he “checks you out” and looks directly into your eyes with some sort of level of intensity, it’s a major sign that he genuinely likes you and is interested in getting to know you better.`

He may keep eye contact with you when speaking to you in a more intimate setting, such as a romantic date.

On the other hand, he may not make eye contact with you when talking to you in public or when there are other people around the two of you (which is more common).

2) He’ll smile at your jokes more often than he smiles at other people’s jokes

Yes, Scorpio men can be a little intimidating.

They’re notorious for not smiling at other people’s jokes.

It’s often a sign that they don’t find the other person funny or their joke isn’t particularly good.

But, when you’re joking around with him, he’ll smile more than usual and even give you an approving head nod.

The reason behind it?

It’s a sign that he likes your sense of humor and enjoys being around you.

And, it doesn’t matter if you’re meeting him for the first time or have known him for years.

If he’s into you, he’s going to be smiling at your jokes and comments more often than not.

3) He moves in physically closer to you when talking to you in private or in public

Scorpio men aren’t typically touchy-feely with other men.

They prefer to keep their personal distance when talking or being with other people.

They’re more likely to bond through conversation than casual touching or hugging (which is why their physical approach is so unique and confusing).

But, with you, he may touch you to reassure you or because he’s genuinely enjoying your company.

That’s why there are two things you can look for.

The first is the distance between your bodies.

When he moves closer to you, it’s a very good sign that he likes you.

If it becomes narrower out of nowhere, this is a sign that he likes being close to you and wants to connect with you on a deeper level.

And when he touches you, it’s a very good sign that he likes you even more.

It’s just him being a little more “friendly” than he would be with someone else.

I’ll explain more in my next point.

4) He touches you often

When Scorpio men like a woman, they’re going to want to connect with them on a deeper level.

They don’t just want to be around the woman in question.

They also want to touch them and become physically intertwined with them somehow.

This is why the more interested or invested he becomes in you, the more he may touch you.

He’ll casually brush his arm against yours during conversation or hold your hand for a few seconds when going on a simple walk outside.

That’s because Scorpio men enjoy touching women (even if it’s innocent and harmless).

They often touch people for a number of reasons.

They want to feel in control, be attractive to the other person, or show leadership.

And you are no exception to this rule.

But, if he’s touching you more often and being more “affectionate” than usual, it’s a sign that he likes you and is attracted to you.

5) He approaches you from behind

When a man likes a woman, he sometimes feels the need to “hunt” the woman down.

It makes him feel more dominant and powerful, especially because he can do it on his own terms.

He doesn’t want to wait around to be noticed and approached by the woman in question.

Instead, he wants to be able to make his presence known at any time and then take things from there.

And that’s exactly what a Scorpio man is thinking when he approaches you from behind and taps you on your shoulder without saying anything else.

He wants to intimidate you with his “big and bad” persona by coming off as mysterious and authoritative.

And it always works to his advantage.

6) He sits next to you in public places

This is a physical sign that he likes you.

It’s not uncommon for a man to sit next to a woman whenever they can.

He wants to feel close to her and bond with her in public (like how he does it “in private”).

That’s why the more he likes you, the more he wants to sit next to you in public.

If you’re at a restaurant or sitting on a park bench together, he’ll frequently choose the seat next to you.

And, if you’re going out for dinner or drinks with your friends, he’ll likely “invite” himself along and position himself next to you.

He’s not doing it to make himself more comfortable or to be a showoff (at least, not all the time).

Instead, he’s sitting next to you because he wants to get closer to you and feel closer to you somehow.

He wants to feel close and intimate with the woman he has his sights on.

And once they connect physically, they’ll immediately have an emotional bond as well.

7) He always tries to get your attention

If there’s one thing about Scorpio men that you should know, it’s this.

They want to feel “special” and “part of something”.

And they’ll do whatever they can to feel those things.

That’s why a Scorpio man will always try to get your attention and make an effort to spend as much time with you as possible.

That’s because they want you to know who they are and how important they really are.

To do this, he may call out your name (or wave at you) when the two of you are in a room full of people.

He’ll frequently text or call you just to say hi (even if it’s just once per day).

He does this so that you have no choice but to acknowledge him and, in turn, show interest in knowing who he is.

The more he likes you, the more “aggressive” he’ll be with getting your attention.

And it’s important for you to give him the attention that he desires.


Check out my next point for more details.

8) He gets up and leaves the room if you don’t look at him or respond to him quickly enough

If there’s one thing a Scorpio man likes to do when it comes to being in the company of you, it’s get your attention and make himself known.

And if he doesn’t get your attention right away, he’ll definitely make sure that you acknowledge him ASAP.

He’ll sometimes even walk over to you when chatting on the phone with you just to say hi and give you a kiss on the cheek (and vice versa).

That’s because he wants to feel like your “personal date” and get as much attention from you as possible.

The more he likes you, the more he wants to be close to you.

And that’s why he’ll get up from his seat and leave the room if he doesn’t get a response from you within a few seconds or if you’re preoccupied with something else in the room.

He wants to get away from what he called “boring” people, who don’t pay attention or don’t respond quickly enough.

9) He mirrors the way you walk, stand and sit

Scorpio men are often very good at reading body language.

Because of that, they’re also good at picking up patterns.

And, as soon as they notice a pattern with your body language, they’ll try to recreate it so they can feel closer to you.

If the man you’re attracted to is dominant, it may make him feel powerful or dominate you in some way.

He might walk over to you and adopt your exact posture, stand next to you in public or sit down next to you at your house.

If he’s into you, he’ll mirror the way that you are standing and sitting in an attempt to show that he has total confidence and dominance over you.

And once this happens, it’ll give him an immediate “emotional” connection with the woman that he wants.

Quick note: This doesn’t only apply if he likes you.

It applies whenever a man has confidence, no matter the situation or relationship status.

10) He’s attentive to how you dress

Scorpio men are very good at noticing details about the way you dress, and they’ll do whatever it takes to emulate that.

They’re usually attracted to the way that a woman dresses in an attempt to “figure out” who she is and what her personality is like.

That’s why a Scorpio man will notice if your hair is messy or if you’re wearing a lot of makeup.

He’ll also pay attention to your clothes, shoes and accessories (even if he doesn’t say anything).

It’s almost like he’s analyzing you silently (and secretly) when you walk into the room together.

But as he gets more attracted to you, he’ll imitate your approach and movements in subtle ways (like how he might walk towards you or stand closer than normal).

The more he likes you, the more exaggerated it becomes (like when a Scorpio man is looking at your Instagram photos and making note of your outfit).

11) He looks at you for several seconds when you walk away from him

When a Scorpio man sees a woman that he likes, he’ll often be “driven” to connect with her in some way.

It’s like he knows that there’s something about her that makes him feel “special”, and he wants to experience it for himself.

Sometimes, it may make him feel like a superhero or the center of attention.

But when this happens, the man will want to find out what makes him feel so special.

That’s why a Scorpio man will frequently look at you for long periods of time (when you’re not paying attention).

His eyes will be glued on you, and he’ll notice all the details that set you apart from other women.

He wants to know what about you makes him feel like a king, a superhero or the center of attention in your company.

And once he figures it out, he’ll do whatever it takes to see that feeling – whether that be holding eye contact or hoping to make time for you.

12) He looks at you with a smirk on his face

If there’s one thing that a Scorpio man knows how to do, it’s by making them seem and feel  “special” or “cool”.

And they’re going to do whatever it takes to have that feeling.

That means that if a Scorpio man is attracted to you, he’ll probably look at you with that smirk on his face.

If he has confidence and knows what he wants, he’ll try to get your attention through the way that he moves, the way that he gestures and his general level of confidence.

It’s almost like he’s “trying” to tell you something (even if it’s just a general message).

A smirk is a facial expression that shows arrogance and confidence.

It’s the kind of look that says “I know what I want and I’m getting it”.

And when you see it on a man, it’s like he’s making an implicit promise that he’ll take care of your needs.

He wants to make you feel taken care of and special in his presence, just like how he felt when he first noticed you.

When a Scorpio man looks at a woman with this expression on his face, it shows her that she stands out in every way.

Bottom line

The Scorpio man isn’t just someone who wants to get what he wants.

He’s also the kind of man that wants you to feel special and taken care of in his presence.

And when a Scorpio man sees a woman that he likes, he’ll do whatever it takes to make her feel like she’s “on top of the world”.

He knows that women like being treated well and having a strong sense of direction, and he’ll make sure that you’re taken care of as much as possible.

If you want a guy like this – make sure that you’re constantly paying attention to the details (and not just your phone).

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