15 Aquarius personality traits you probably don’t know about

If you were born roughly between January 20th and February 18th, you’re an Aquarius—one of only three Zodiac signs with planetary rulers.

Aquarians are a mix of smart authority figure, thanks to Saturn, and fun-loving rebel, courtesy of Uranus’s influence. Their rules are their own, and they’re such engaging conversationalists that they easily persuade others to follow them.

They’re also weird and willing to take risks, whether that’s as small as their clothing and home decorations, or as big as pushing for social change. They see problems in the world and they know that they can do something about them.

Maybe you already know that Aquarius personalities are generous and kind, always seeking to lift up their communities. But there are a few Aquarius traits that you might not know about, including some traits that can lead to trouble with friends and family.

Want to learn more? Let’s jump right in:

1) They know what they want

Aquarius may be an air sign, but they aren’t content just letting the wind blow them around. They make up their own minds—and good luck to anyone trying to change it.

Not that they’ve got blinders on, though. If someone presents a good argument, backed up with evidence, they’ll definitely take it under consideration.

They set themselves lofty goals and they’re determined to accomplish them, and they definitely won’t let anyone stand in their way.

Each Aquarian is an individual, and they know it.

2) They’re original (and maybe a bit weird)

Maybe ‘eccentric’ is a better term. Aquarius personalities are innovative and always looking for a new and unique solution to a problem, or creating a new fashion trend.

Most Aquarians are pretty proud of being a little bit weird. After all, being just like everyone else is boring, and Aquarians are anything but boring.

Other people might look down on them for their eccentric traits, but they can–and should–embrace those traits. These traits help them use their intelligence and drive to change the world.

Speaking of that intelligence…

3) They’re intelligent

Ever find yourself completely lost in thought, happy to spend hours just hanging out in your own mind? Aquarius personalities are highly intelligent and enjoy finding solutions to problems, no matter how long it takes.

The good news: Aquarians spend so much time analyzing things that they’re very open to other points of view. The bad news: sometimes they spend so much time in their own head, they forget to pay attention to their loved ones.

They also seek intellectual stimulation from all the people around them. They get along best with those they can have deep discussions with. In return, they offer researched, unbiased arguments and information.

But their intelligent practicality can turn some people off.

4) They’re a little distant and cold

Aquarius personalities occasionally have a reputation as aloof and unfeeling. They aren’t, of course; they just tend to be less emotional than some other signs, and more pragmatic in their thinking.

Aquarians are just careful not to get too detached from the world and their loved ones, especially in emotional situations.

And they should watch out for being too condescending; they might be right, but other people usually at least want their opinions heard, even if the Aquarian doesn’t agree with them.

Plus it helps you with their world-changing goals if they work with other people.

5) They’re determined to change the world

The world needs activists, and Aquarius personalities are great at thinking about solutions to society’s problems. They also likely truly care about their causes, no matter what those causes are. They want to go out there and make a real difference.

Focusing on ground-shaking change can prevent them from seeing the small details, however.

Sure, they should get out there and make their community a better place—they just need to remember to take a breath at times and make sure they’re not rushing in headlong.

That being said, Aquarians are compassionate and visionary. So if anyone is likely to change the world for the better, it’s them.

And it doesn’t hurt that they’re able to make friends easily.

6) They’re friendly

Can someone be both aloof and friendly? Sure, if they’re an Aquarius. They’re quirky and quick-witted, so they attract tons of friends.

And because they’re so community-minded and focused on improving things, they tend to be quick to make connections with other like-minded people.

These connections can be superficial, though, at least at first.

Because they’re so independent and intelligent, they may struggle a bit to connect emotionally with other people, especially in romantic relationships. They need a partner who’s on their level: intellectually, socially, and emotionally.

Their best bet is to go for a fellow air sign: another Aquarius, a Gemini, or a Libra (like yours truly!). A fellow Aquarius will value the same things they do: independence, originality, and dedication to change.

Gemini and Libra will also be able to engage Aquarians intellectually, as both signs also tend to be intelligent. With Gemini, Aquarians will have fun, engaging conversations about a wide range of topics. And us Libras will go on adventures with them—plus we’re both slow to anger so things stay lighthearted.

Just avoid Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, and Capricorn. These signs are more likely to clash with Aquarians because they tend to be more emotional and less laidback—and just as stubborn about it.

And they better not try to control an Aquarian.

7) They’re rebellious

Aquarians don’t like being told what to do. They tend to clash with authority figures, and they really don’t like it when someone interferes with their independent nature.

Most of the time, this works out well for them. As a driven go-getter, they thrive in jobs where they can contribute—they just want to be acknowledged for their contributions.

They can’t fight the entire world though–even if they’re willing to try–so sometimes they have to sacrifice a little bit of their independence and stubborn streak to get along with other people.

Aquarians should just think of it as the best way to accomplish their lofty goals.

8) They’re idealistic—sometimes overly so

Speaking of those lofty goals… Aquarians can get a little down in the dumps when their goals aren’t easily accomplished.

They make big goals and they have the determination to reach them, but sometimes their goals are a little overly idealistic. They strive for perfection—and refuse to accept anything less.

If an Aquarian finds themselves getting frustrated because they’re not living up to their own high standards, they need to take a deep breath and a step back. Adjusting their goals to be more realistic is no failure; it’s just the best way they can continue to be a changemaker.

Besides, when an Aquarian gets overwhelmed, they can get a little temperamental. There’s a narrow line between quirkily eccentric and annoyingly unpredictable.

9) They’re unpredictable

An Aquarius is all about change: changing their lives, changing the lives of those around them, changing the world for the better.

So naturally, they embrace change and find it positive. And most of the time, it is!

But for people around them, who aren’t quite so comfortable with sudden change, they can come off as unpredictable. Aquarians also tend to have a temper and can explode in sudden anger when things become too much.

There’s one area where they aren’t so unpredictable though: their devotion to those they love.

10) They’re devoted

Anyone else get Hopelessly Devoted To You stuck in their head? We don’t know Sandy’s birthday in the film, but given the song, maybe she was an Aquarius.

Aquarians may not be great with emotions and find it difficult to connect right away, but once they decide to trust someone, they’re with them til the end. With a romantic partner, Aquarians see them as an equal—and require them to be intellectually stimulating.

They respect their partner’s boundaries and totally understand–and want–their partner’s independence. The only trouble comes when their partner is also stubborn and opinionated, because sparks will fly and they’re not always good ones.

On the flip side, cross an Aquarius and the Aquarius will never forget and never, ever forgive.

Good thing they actually like being on their own.

11) They’re fine being alone

That independent streak means Aquarians are totally blissed out in their own company. They’ll happily spend hours just thinking, or tinkering with a new plan or piece of technology.

They also require the people around them to give them the freedom to be alone when they need it. Sometimes they just want to hide themselves away and that’s totally okay. They’ll come back stronger than ever.

They stand alone when it comes to their morals and ethics too. They won’t compromise on their ideals or your vision, so they need people around them who will support them in that.

That support doesn’t need to only be about their vision to change the world either. Sometimes they just need a friend who will look at them in their wildest outfit and give them a thumbs up.

12) They’re funky fashionistas

You know that quirky eccentricity I mentioned earlier? Aquarius personalities love to show it off in their sense of fashion.

Stripes with spots? Awesome. White after Labour Day? Absolutely. Colours and patterns galore? You know it.

An Aquarius personality is all about using their style to stand out in a crowd. Just look at Harry Styles, Megan Thee Stallion, and famous fashion designer Christian Dior. These Aquarians use fashion to announce, ‘I’m here and I’m awesome!’

That individualistic sense of style applies to more than just clothes, too, as you’ll see in the next section.

13) They love weird art

The Aquarius personality leans towards abstract art as a physical form of their commitment to originality and individual flow.

Like with their fashion, they enjoy bright colours and interesting patterns in their art. And not just to put on their wall; many Aquarians express themselves through creating interesting art, as well as in other creative pursuits like writing.

Aquarians can tie this creativity back to one of their ruling planets, according to astrology. Saturn is the planet of unconventional activities, and Aquarius is nothing but unconventional.

They’re just expressing their innovative nature through their art!

It’s not all about the artistic side of their brain though. Aquarians love technology as well.

14) They’re tech nerds

An Aquarian probably has the latest gadgets and embraces new technology.

Where other people are worrying about the rise of AI, Aquarians are digging deep into its inner workings. They welcome new technological innovations, especially if these innovations can help them accomplish your goals.

There’s a good chance they also enjoy the sci-fi genre, from watching space operas to actually taking on a scientific career like astronomy or engineering.

They’re just happiest when their brain is being stimulated.

15) They don’t need–or want–criticism

One thing that doesn’t stimulate their brain: criticism. How dare anyone tell them that they’re wrong, right?

Aquarians are really proud of their originality and creativity, so criticism can feel a bit stifling. Plus that rebellious streak rears its head again.

Aquarians should try to remember that criticism–at least if it’s constructive–isn’t personal and there’s no need to get defensive. Maybe the criticism is fair, maybe it isn’t.  Either way they’re still going to fly their freak flag high.

And on the other side of the coin, Aquarian criticism can be… a little harsh. They’re trying to help others improve, but they can occasionally be a little tactless. They just need to remind themselves that other people have feelings too and they’ll be golden.

So there you have it: 15 Aquarius personality traits you may not have known about. And if you did, you’re just living up to your intelligent, curious, always original sign.

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